Beijing TV Issues Statement Banning Zheng Shuang

With the onset of Zheng Shuang’s (郑爽) series of scandals involving surrogacy, marriage, and suspected child abandonment, China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) has officially labeled the actress as a “tainted artist” (劣迹艺人) with “unforgivable morals.” 

In just one night, Zheng Shuang went from being one of China’s most popular post-90s actresses, to a blacklisted celebrity. Fans left in droves. Endorsers immediately dropped Zheng Shuang and wanted nothing to do with her. Even some of Zheng Shuang’s dramas were pulled off stream. 

Beijing TV released a statement last night in regards to Zheng Shuang, stating that it has terminated all collaborations with Zheng Shuang, effective immediately. They will also no longer air any productions featuring Zheng Shuang, stating, “This station firmly boycotts artists who has a disregard for law, who lacks personal morality, and who violates social ethics. Beijing TV will continue to provide the people with healthy programs and positive energy.”

While not confirmed, many new TV contracts have an additional clause where artistes are expected to pay out a sum of money if one or more of their productions are unable to broadcast. Sources say Zheng Shuang may have to pay up to 167 million yuan for broadcast cancellations.

Zheng Shuang debuted in 2009 through the television drama Meteor Shower <一起来看流星雨>. Over the years, she has accumulated a large amount of wealth, including the ownership of four luxury apartments worth 183 million yuan, with a Shanghai apartment worth 150 million yuan. She has invested in nine companies, among them production studios and media companies. She has been listed three times in the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list.


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  1. Such a pity that she built up a very successful career and wealth only to be destroyed by a guy…or her own doing

    1. @hayden If it she really abandoned (didn’t pay child support) her children, she deserve what is happening to her. Children shouldn’t be something someone can just discard like this.

      On the other hand, I also feel disgusted by her exbf who recorded on purpose to destroy her. That was a sneaky move and many people say things they dont mean in the heat of the moment. Time will tell if she meant what she said.

      I also pity her a bit that her career has been destroyed like this. Jackie Chan who had abandoned his daughter and to this day hasn’t acknowledge her didn’t get this treatment.

  2. In my mind, Zheng Shuang is lacking a bit in ethics and maturity. Not exactly a capital offence worthy of such punishment….

  3. When the Government gets involved you know you’re in deep sh*t. Her career basically got destroyed overnight. perhaps this whole drama is a lesson for us to think deeply before consider having children… they ain’t toys that can just be deposed

  4. I think I would appreciate it more if ZS got banned from showbiz because people didn’t want to see her rather than having the govt step in. It doesn’t seem as legitimate and the gov’t has no jurisdiction to judge her actions, either. She didn’t commit any crime. Moral failure? Absolutely. But the thousands of antifans will kill her already. The govt should worry about bigger things.

  5. She abandoned her babies, so now she will experience a small degree of the pain of abandonment. She is money driven, now she will loss many too.

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