Zhang Han’s Lingering Hands Stir Up Sexual Harassment Cries

Chinese actor Hans Zhang Han (張翰) is under fire for sexually harassing co-star Wang Xiaochen (王曉晨) on camera. In a scene from new drama Gentlemen of East 8th <東八區的先生們>, Zhang Han’s hand deliberately gropes Wang Xiaochen’s (王曉晨) chest while pulling her into his lap.

In another episode, the actor pulls on Wang Xiaochen’s bra strap when he tries to save her from a fall. One scene shows Zhang Han straddling the actress on bed while he tries to undo the buttons of her shirt. While kissing her in another scene, his hands are seen straying down on her butt.

Viewers are disgusted by the scenes, especially by how Zhang Han’s hands linger on Wang Xiaochen’s breasts in episode 28 while they are sitting in a dining table. Appearing to shift her onto his lap, his hands awkwardly sweep up her chest.

As the drama is produced by Zhang Han and he has power over how the scenes are filmed, many netizens suspect he had intentionally taken advantage of his co-star in the name of filming “in character.”

Since airing, Gentlemen of East 8th has received a low rating of 2.2 points out of Douban’s 10-point system. Many viewers felt Zhang Han’s touchy scenes are very disrespectful of women, and are shocked why the scenes are handled this way and how it passed censorship despite China’s strict broadcasting guidelines.

The phrase “Zhang Han’s hands” became a hotly searched topic on Weibo, with netizens digging up clips of the actor’s intimate scenes with Janine Chang (張鈞甯) in 2018’s Here to Heart <溫暖的弦>. Some viewers felt that Zhang Han’s hands were suspiciously close to Janine’s chest while twirling her to face him in one scene.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Hans Zhang, Janine Chang Share Hot Kisses in “Here to Heart”

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  1. Same. Never thought he was good looking and often thought he’s an awkward actor. He looks way older than his actual age too. Why he was given lead roles so easily is beyond me. Maybe mainland was having a male lead drought back then

  2. He is definitely not a gentleman… many of his actions are so disrespectful… I read he personally put together this script and produced this drama…it took him 4yrs. if this is true…he is definitely not a good producer nor a good writer.

    He is one of the original C-idol… he had been thru bad times when he broke up with Zheng Shuang… but revive his career after her scandal is revealed. I feel he has lost touch with his audiences… a number of his actions in this drama are no longer accepted… I was puzzled by the hooking on woman’s bra to stop her from falling…what the h*ll was that all about!!

    1. The bra hooking scene was apparently copied from a Kdrama starring Lee Jong-suk. That one was done with a more comedic effect though.

      1. I cannot find the scene online!!! Unfortunately, I cannot type in Korean…maybe I can find the video if I type in Korean…I really want to watch it. I bet it is filmed in a no offensive manner…

  3. Glad that netizens are calling out. How did that drama pass censorship.
    Never understand what makes him popular back in those days.

  4. It does puzzle me why Wang Xiaochen did not protest on such actions and even demand such scene be censored? Does she really have no say?

    1. Like most victimized women, she doesn’t have a say. Even with the uproar, the show still continues to be shown. How can she do anything when it was still in production?

      1. Your words makes sense. It is unfortunate, there are still lots of silenced victims in this industry. They can only have justice/fair treatment if they have connection or if they have high status.
        There are always many rumours that suggest Wang Xiaochen and Hu Ge are dating or even married. If she was really with Hu Ge, I doubt she will be in such situation. Hu Ge is not an actor anyone will want to offend. He is too high profile. But, that is just a guess… no offends intended.

    2. The irony is, this drama is getting positive reviews from global non-Chinese viewers who also think highly of Zhang Han. They don’t understand the c-net uproar over the controversial scenes. Such hands-on scenes are commonplace in Hollywood and European films. The acclaimed S.Korean film Parasite had a scene where ML fondled the topless FL. No one called him out for that.

  5. OMG, This drama is removed from major streaming sites!!! Better late then never to be honest. I just found out the unedited words from a line of the drama was: “My mother has told me that thin women are good-looking and fat women are good in bed.”….

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