Are Hans Zhang and Zheng Shuang Back Together?

The media is reporting that Chinese actors Hans Zhang (张翰) and Zheng Shuang (郑爽) may be back together.

The ex-couple starting dating soon after collaborating in the 2009 Chinese television series Meteor Shower <一起来看流星雨>, the drama that shot both actors to fame. They announced their breakup in 2014, one year after going public. Zheng Shuang confessed that she was under pressure by a public relationship, and that she felt inferior to Hans, who was more popular.

Since then, both Hans and Zheng Shuang dated different people. Hans confirmed his relationship with Uyghur actress Gulnazar (古力娜扎) that same year, but the couple broke up in 2017. Zheng Shuang dated Zheng Heng (张恒), which ended with a bitter falling out.

Rumors of Hans and Zheng Shuang reigniting their flames started after netizens noticed the ex-couple wearing the same rings to different events.

A new social media post by Zheng Shuang yesterday further fueled the speculations. Her post said, “Stand on your tiptoes and hike up your dress. Is this Love’s Waltz sweet?”

“Love’s Waltz” is the theme song of Meteor Shower.


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  1. Oh gosh please don’t. She’s a bit mentally unstable. I prefer Hans with Janine

    1. @annebee I first watched Hans Zhang in “Here to Heart” and I loved him so much with Janine Chang. They look so cute and romantic together. I wish Hans and Janine would be a couple in real life.

    2. @annebee
      How is Zheng shuang mentally unstable? I think she is ok. It would be great if they did get back together. On screen and real life are 2 different worlds.

    3. @annebee that’s so mean for you to say. You are implying that a person who is “a bit mentally unstable” should not be loved. I am not a fan of ZS but I don’t think that you should be talking about mental health in such an ignorant and careless manner. Besides, who are you to diagnose her as mentally unstable?

  2. ZS used to be so pretty but now she looks so different after her excessive PS and extreme weight loss.

  3. If she still gets back with him, she will look too desperate. Maybe it doesn’t make a difference since people already see her too desperate. She can get better guys I think she just have poor taste.

    1. @yoyo
      Why? Zhang Han seems like a nice guy. Zheng Shuang even said herself that he is. I think they made a great couple and hope they give their love another chance.

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