Zhang Han’s Entitled Behavior Made Him Difficult to Work With

Chinese actor Hans Zhang Han (張翰) has been under fire for being deliberately handsy towards his costar, Wang Xiaochen (王曉晨) while filming Gentlemen of East 8th <東八區的先生們>. As Zhang Han was the producer and scriptwriter for the drama, many felt that he abused his power to take advantage of the actress. With his reputation now smeared, netizens dug up more of Zhang Han’s unprofessional past.

Zhang Han’s uncompromising attitude reveals a rather entitled personality. Although achieving idol success early in his career, he also comes from a wealthy family. His mother is a doctor and his father is a rich businessman. During his college years, he already owned personal property in Beijing and drove a sportscar worth 7 million Chinese yuan, all of which were gifted by his parents before he even graduated.

When he was filming costume drama Liu Guan Yin (流光引), Zhang Han refused the director’s request to reshoot one of his scenes, telling the crew to use a body double instead.

Another incident involved Zhang Han’s rude attitude toward one of Hong Kong’s most distinguished producers, Jonathan Chik (戚其義), who is known for his deep and meaningful works despite slow production style. While filming Chinese drama The Legendary Tycoon <傳奇大亨>, Jonathan remained steadfast to his value of producing only quality work which resulted in project delays. As an investor on the project, Zhang Han allegedly used his power and position to force Jonathan off the project mid-stream. Even Jonathan’s frequently cast actor Kenny Wong (黃德斌) was affected by the crew change, as he worked for several days but did not get paid.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Zhang Han revived his career after it slide due to his broken relationship with Zheng Shuang. Just as the public is warming to him…he produced a drama that makes many upset. C-Netizens are scary, when they target you…they can dig out so much history/personal details to smear a brand with facts and factions…

    Zhang Han’s brand is getting affected once again. It would really surprise me if no one actually advised him against the scenes that were inappropriate. How is it possible no one noticed it??? If it is his arrogance that makes him make such mistakes, then he will have to deal with the aftermath.

    Anyway, I do not know how far this smearing can affect his brand. It may just pass over after the drama ends. Or until the C-Netizen finds their next target..

  2. He might be demanding person to work with but of all examples the one where he urges directors to deliver work within vaguely pre-defined time deadlines is common and needed behavior of an investor. If investors are not putting pressure on directors many works would have never been finished. That one is reasonable behavior unless this pressure was exercised in unreasonable manner.

  3. Watched a video a couple of years ago. He was once involved in some hit and run / incident and ended up dragging the victim down the road instead of stopping. Money obviously did a lot of talking, and that’s all he’s ever known.

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