Zhang Han’s Screen Time is Limited to 3 Seconds

Gentlemen of East 8th <東八區的先生們> was removed from Chinese streaming platforms after viewers complained about the sexism and blatant disrespect for women in the drama.  Netizens were angered by the scenes where Hans Zhang Han (張翰) appeared to be groping Xioachen Wang’s (王曉晨) chest. While the actor has not been completely cancelled, he has been flagged and his screen time in a variety show was reduced to three seconds.

In a new episode of Let It Be <牧野家族>,  guests Joey Yung (容祖兒), Ava Wang (王子文), and Wu Yongen (吳永恩) arrived at Zhang Han’s house to fish. In the 60-minute episode, Zhang Han appeared for three seconds and it was only a shot of the side of his back. Usually, the show’s episodes are 90 minutes in length so it appears that many of Zhang Han’s scenes were deleted due to his recent controversy.

Some netizens gloated, “He deserves this;” “I hope that they continue to blacklist him;” and “He shouldn’t even have that three-second shot.” Others felt that the show did not need to go this far, “Although I don’t like him, I don’t like this practice of erasing someone even more, especially when there are no set rules to follow.” Overall, it seems that sentiment is against Zhang Han as netizens expressed, “Oh my god, people are actually feeling sympathetic.”

Source: World Journal

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