Zhang Han Had Taken Advantage of Janine Chang Too?

Under fire for his inappropriate behavior during filming, actor Hans Zhang Han (張翰) is accused of sexually harassing his female co-stars. With outcries over his hands on Wang Xiaochen’s (王曉晨) chest still fresh, netizens dug out evidence that he has a habit of groping actresses.

Taiwanese actress Janine Chang (張鈞甯) is discovered to be another past victim during their collaboration in 2018’s Here to Heart <溫暖的弦>. Although Zhang Han and Janine seemed to be an ideal onscreen couple, netizens felt repulsed after the actor got exposed for  groping his co-stars. Throughout the filming of kissing scenes, Zhang Han was visibly seen to be purposely touching the lower portion of Janine’s breast. Additionally, he seems to caress her body up and down in intimate scenes.

While promoting Here to Heart, Zhang Han’s arms wrapped around Janine’s chest. While she smiled during the press conference, netizens pointed out she looked stiff as she tried to use her fingers to grab onto his arm to suppress it from moving higher.

Additionally, Zhang Han was found to have made a lot of disrespectful remarks about women. He once said to a female guest in a show, “I’ll be honest–you look like someone who would have many boyfriends.” As Zhang Han was the scriptwriter in Gentlemen of East 8th, lines such as  “When I was young, my mother told me thin [women] look good and those who are chubby are easy to boss around” and “Women in pain are the scariest animals–they will bleed for thousands of years” offended female viewers.

Such misogyny angered netizens as they all flocked to his social media and left comments including, “Quit the entertainment industry already! How can you openly harass women on screen;” “The feeling of being harassed must feel as disgusting as swallowing a fly!” and “Stop acting now–you’re not even a good actor!”

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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