Ma Tianyu Fans Attack Wallace Chung for Taking the Male Lead Spot

Ma Tianyu (马天宇), who plays the lead character in the upcoming Chinese television drama Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Sad <凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤>, has been bumped down a grade, and fans are not happy.

Though production for the drama was announced to have completed, images from the set that surfaced last week implied that the studios had extended its production time due to changes to the story. Reportedly, the drama was unable to pass television censors due to Ma Tianyu’s role as a triad gang member. As a result, the studios had no choice but to alter the script to add more scenes for Wallace Chung (鍾漢良), who originally played a supporting role. Wallace’s screen time was added to 70 percent.

This news did not sit well with fans of Tianyu, who plays the titular character on the show. His fans attacked Wallace on Weibo with curses and threats, upsetting Wallace’s fans.

On January 6, Tianyu posted a response on Weibo to calm and reassure his fans. In his message, he also implied that reports of an extended production was true. “Be good, stop attacking, I’ve lost. It’s still me that’s doing the acting, and it’s still me from first billing to the end. If you continue on like this, people are going to take you as a joke. P.S. [I’m] so fortunate, it’s still my fans that are the most logical.”

Around the same time, Liang Sheng’s female lead Sun Yi (孙怡) shared a video of her and Tianyu. “We are not the same,” she wrote, implying that she supports Tianyu. However, the video and message was deleted half a day later.

Wallace’s agency has yet to issue a statement to clarify the reports.


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  1. Fans are ridiculous! Stop attacking actors, it’s the directors and producers.

  2. As long as it was hit and become successful and have great story, I don’t really care who is the lead. But it makes me wonder, whether it change the relationship between Wallace and Alan though. Cannot wait for the series.

  3. SAFRT problem? What is wrong playing a triad gangster. Real life is not perfect. Stop feeding audience that life is perfect and we all live happily ever after.

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