The Female Allure of “Badges of Fury”

Jet Li’s (李連杰) action movie Badges of Fury <不二神探> is the latest crowd pleaser, earning more than 200 million RMB in mainland Chinese box offices. Wen Zhang (文章) provides the snarky humor, while beauties Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩), Michelle Chen (陳妍希) and Ada Yan (柳岩) add to the allure of the film. With Cecilia’s mystique, Michelle’s bossiness, and Ada’s sexiness, the three actresses possess vastly different flavors.

In the film, Cecilia’s character, Liu Jinshui, is a beautiful lady who is being pursued by many men in the movie. The role required Cecilia to portray the different facets, from being strong to gentle, and from righteous to evil.  To assimilate her character, Cecilia has a refreshing image in the movie, sporting many costume changes, even a bikini. As a conservative person, Cecilia normally prefers long skirts, and wearing a bikini onscreen is her limit.

Michelle Chen admitted that she is a tomboy in real life. In Badges of Fury, her role as shrew police inspector Angela leads Wen Zhang and Jet Li in the unraveling of the crimes. “Scold, hit and beat” became Michelle’s three primary rules in guiding her subordinates. Her domineering character can be observed in the way she treats Wen Zhang and fiery interrogation of Cecilia and Ada.

During filming, Michelle and Wen Zhang often practiced their “scolding and hitting” tactics, creating many hilarious moments. Michelle exclaimed, “I realized that whenever I hit him (Wen Zhang), the production crew will laugh; everyone seems to enjoy seeing me hitting him.”

Ada Liu portrays the sexy Dai Yiyi who uses her sexuality to advance her motives. In the film, Ada wears several seductive outfits, including a barely-there black bikini featured in the trailer.

“Badges of Fury” Promotional Clip

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  1. I like Cecilia Liu Shi Shi! One of my favorite Mainland actress!

  2. Should give some credit to Hong Kong actors

  3. Liu Shishi only ever have 1 expression on film and that is of that haughty high breeding elegance. Anyway where has she got the time to make a movie?

    1. I do like her even if she does not have many expressions. I don’t know why but I like her more than Yang Mi. Yang Mi looks like a tragic beauty and comes across as more high brow and aloof. I like Shi Shi because she looks like a decent, clean cut princess.

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