Kary Ng Releases Self-Produced Album “State of Mind”

After a four-year gig with the idol girl group Cookies and eight more years as a solo artist, Kary Ng (吳雨霏) finally earned the opportunity to release her self-produced album State of Mind, which was officially released on November 20, 2013.

The indie pop album consists of eight tracks, all co-written and co-produced by Kary herself, along with the help of her close collaborators, Fergus Chow and Gareth Chan (陳考威). Kary described the music in her album as “very raw” and purposely “flawed.” Through this album, Kary explained that the album was able to capture many beautiful moments of her life, moments that her older music was unable to do.

“I used to sing many love ballads. The accompaniment is very grand and epic, but in this album, everything is brought back to the original. It’s a very raw album. Whether it’s the vocals or the music itself, I find that a few flaws were absolutely acceptable, like sometimes when I record my voice gets raspy, but the results ended up being very nice.

From writing drafts to entering the recording studios, Kary spent ten months working on State of Mind. “I added in a lot of my life experiences and thoughts that I had in the last ten months into this album. I wrote honestly to each one.” said Kary. “To be able to finally produce my own album after so many years, State of Mind is very meaningful to me. It’s also a great challenge for me, because the songs in the album are completely different from the songs I was known for singing.”

Though Kary understands that not many fans are ready to accept her new style, she expressed that she is very proud of her freshman effort. “It’s a positive effort and I hope everyone will like it.”

The album’s lead single, “Tonight Fireworks are Brilliant” <今夜煙花燦爛>, which was released in August 2013, was a triple-win in Hong Kong, peaking in three of Hong Kong’s top radio stations and music programs. Kary’s following single “It’s My Life” <生我的命> also fared well in the charts.

Track listing:

01. 我正在 (I am)
02. 第一季 (The First Season)
03. 明日再打算 (Until Tomorrow)
04. 偷偷 (Secretly)
05. 今夜煙花燦爛 (Tonight Fireworks are Brilliant)
06. 蘇眉 (So Mei)
07. 生我的命 (It’s My Life)
08. That Girl

Kary Ng Discusses “State of Mind”

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Source: 21CN.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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