Kary Ng is Not Pretty Enough for Shawn Yue?

While the public does not hear too much about singer Kary Ng’s (吳雨霏)  love life, it was recently revealed that she and Shawn Yue (余文樂) have been secretly dating for 3 months. After the romance was exposed, Shawn’s fans were vocal that they did not think Kary was pretty enough to match him.

Shawn and Kary’s friendship actually dates back to this past October, after he extended a courtesy to direct Kary’s MV for her hit song, “People Are Not Plants” <人非草木>. He also pulled personal favor cards to recruit a production crew from his films and took time out to travel to Taiwan personally in order to capture some off-location shots.

Ever since 26-year-old Kary called it quits for good with on-and-off again boyfriend tennis player Brian Hung (洪立熙), she started spending more time with 31-year-old Shawn, whom she has known for a while. Shawn was able to console her through this rough time and they naturally escalated their friendship into a dating relationship. The efforts Shawn put in was all worth it in the end because the couple has been dating for nearly 3 months.

Shawn and Kary Look at New Home Together

Shawn’s dating life has always been very low-key and aside from being linked to Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) in the past, his personal life does not make the news much. Despite Shawn’s care to keep his love life discreet, Hong Kong’s Sunday Magazine published photos of Shawn and Kary taking a romantic stroll in Stanley on Valentine’s Day. According to the outlet, Shawn took Kary to look at the new luxury home he was interested in purchasing.

Vacationing in London?

After news broke of Hong Kong’s latest celebrity couple, netizens revealed that Shawn and Kary made an appearance in Heathrow Airport in Britain. Shawn did not openly acknowledge his romance with Kary yet, but he uploaded a photo taken in London’s Hyde Park, acknowledging he is currently on vacation. The photo was deleted hours later, likely after Shawn witnessed Kary and his fans’ heated online exchange over their romance.

Shawn and Kary’s Fans at War

Shawn’s fans grew upset that their idol is dating Kary, whom they did not regard as a good match for him. Shawn’s fans wrote on social networks, “Your taste is scary! Why is it Kary? She can’t match up to you. You’re so handsome!” Some fans thought that Kary may have even gotten plastic surgery and continued to tear her looks apart.

Kary’s fans came to her defense and stepped upon Shawn, by criticizing his past relationships. Kary’s fans wrote, “What farting good is his handsomeness?”

While the vehement exchanges took place, some online fans sent their blessings to the couple and wished them well.

Shawn and Kary’s managers did not deny their dating news, only revealing that both stars are currently on vacation until March. However, it was understood that Shawn had brought Kary to friends’ gatherings and the couple’s dating relationship was not a secret in the entertainment circle.

Sources: QQ.com, Oriental Daily

This article is written by Natalie for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hope both Shawn and Kary do not succumb to the rantings of their fans in regards to their relationship. Happiness and love is a fleeting abstract emotion which can not be quantified but only to cherish and accepted. If both of them feel good about, then go for it and not look back. Forgot those naysayers…

    1. Aptos,
      Going to London together can shut out the intruding voices if Shawn and Kary were to turn off their social networks for the time being.

      A person’s insecurities can ruin the relationship and manifest in different ways. It’s not only about the looks, as looks might go away with time anyhow.

      Aside from Shawn allegedly getting into a fist fight with Edison Chen over Gillian Chung, he’s had a pretty quiet love life.

      Excited by the new HK couples that have emerged this year. Secrets romances seem to be getting exposed more quickly now, with HK tabloids becoming more efficient.

      1. If you are a celebrity living in Hong Kong in nice highrises with amenities while choosing to shop in high class shopping areas, there are too many people scrutinizing each other. Definitely, you will be noticed if you are window shopping anywhere in TST, YMT, MK, Stanley, Causeway Bay or Wanchai, Shatin or other high visibility areas. There is really nowhere to go as everyone is packed in like sardines if one is in those areas. Just going to watch the Chinese New Year 20 minute fireworks at Victoria Harbor was an experience of wall to wall spectators 30-35 deep standing on the promenade. Took me over 45 minutes to walk two blocks from Starbucks coffee (promenade) to escape the human sardine can.

    1. i wouldn’t call him ugly but he’s definitely not good looking enough to be deemed ‘too good’ for kary.

  2. those fans are really something. Who cares if your idol is dating someone..not like they can be with their idol(s) anyway LOL. Just continue to daydream that one day you will meet someone like your idol LOL..

    1. Yea! I agree with you Tammy. It’s not like they will ever date an idol. These die hard fans are really something else.

    2. Just like the ones here complaining Lam Fung dating whoever, or Him Law dating Tavia.

  3. Friends falling in love = adorable. Those fans need to put a sock in it.

  4. Kary actually looks a lot prettier now compared to when she first debuted or even 5 years ago. I think her looks have matured over the years and she actually looks quite pretty given the right makeup and hairstyle.

    Fans of theirs should just let them be.

    1. Agree that Kary looks a lot prettier now. I think she had some plastic surgery work done on her face. However, it is quite normal for celebrities to have that kind of work done on their faces so that they can be more competitive looking.

    2. Yea,their fans should be happy for them regardless of what, as long as they are happy. They will get over it and will accept it eventually. Just give it time…

  5. the picture above of kary looked like jennifer tse, nic’s sister.

  6. Barbara Striesand is not considered a beauty, yet she has had some pretty handsome boyfriends and husbands, and the fans could not care less. As long as they were happy, that was all that mattered. Chinese are really disgusting when it comes to the looks, social and financial backgrounds of people;s lives. CRAZY.

    Shawn is not a handsome man either. I bet these “fan” are love sick young, ignorant girls who are living in a fantasy world that some day they will have Shawn all to themselves. DREAM ON, cause it will never happen. Are these delusional fans not sick and tired of living in this empty fantasy world?, cause I am so sick and tired of reading of their disgusting behaviour.

    1. ASIANS. It is not only the Chinese. Koreans and their idols, oh my…writing a love letter in their menstrual blood. Yuck.

      1. Yea, it isn’t just Chinese, it is Koreans and other asians too. Ok, I have never heard of writing a love letter in blood yet, that is sick. But I have heard of writing a letter in blood before. Many fans are so delusional and live in their own little world. I really wonder if one day after they grow out of it(if some do)whether they will laugb at themselves or not??

      2. You can Google it with keywords: big bang, super junior, crazy fans, blood, menstrual blood etc. It’ll pop up. Though, I am not sure if someone actually posted up the actual picture of it, so be warned that there might be stuff that may hurt your eyes.

        Also, fans at the caliber would not fall under the category of a sane individual with a clear mind. Clearly, it would be a good thing if they have themselves clinically assessed. I am aware that abnormal things in this world happens all the time and that isn’t by itself considered psychotic disorder. However, sometimes a smaller population do happen to land with doing abnormal deeds and are psychologically disoriented. Shrugs. I wouldn’t know. I haven’t diagnosed someone with those kind of things happening in their lives so lets leave that to the other luckier professionals.

      3. I saw that one, disturbing cause of blood and …wait…hair! One word: sick.

      4. LOL Nelly, thanks for sharing…must be quite an experience, eh?

      5. Saesang fans… they even have a name for that to differentiate between the “normal” and the “crazy”… It’s just weird how obsessive one can get over another human being.

      6. Well John Lennon’s fan shot him in the head just cause JL said that was how he wanted to die. You say Asian fans are extreme? How about Western then?

    2. It’s not just Asians. Selena Gomez has been toe. Apart for years for her looks because she is dating Justin bieber. Angelina Jolie has been for apart for her looks as well.

      As long as you a celebrity you would be for. Apart for your looks – regardless of your race.

  7. Neither Shawn nor Kary is a looker imo. But, they don’t see their looks. They sell talent, Shawn in acting and Kary in singing. I think they match.

    1. I agree. I’m a fan of both of them and I’m happy for them if they found true love.

  8. Shawn dated Dior… who was really ugly and kinda resembles Kary… at least he is not dating a mainland China star…

  9. Shawn Yu looks a bit like Raymond Lam in the above photo. Does anyone agree?

  10. People will always be shallow…appearance will always be judged. If they are really dating, there must be something that Shawn sees in Kary that he values. His fans should be more wise and considerate. I personally think Kary is a good singer and quite humble as a person.

    1. I totally agree with what you wrote. Even if Shawn Yue’s fans do not like Kary, a real fan with common sense and wisdom would wish him well in his relationship.Of course these are not real fans but groupies with romantic investments in Shaawn. I remember one who used to bash Andy lau’s wife on every known forum on earth. The horrible things she said about Zhu Liqian and denied that their relationship existed. Even said that Andy hates Carol and he, Andy, does not know Carol. This sick woman lived in denial because she wanted Andy for herself. Apparently, she had a dream about her and Andy and believed she was Andy’s woman. Well, that idiot is now seeking mental help in America. Shawn’s fans should seek help too.

  11. Shawn is crazy, I think Kary is an amazingly Beautiful Women also she has looks of a very Kind Person also. Dear Kary Please know sometime men think away then later they realize the fool the are. Please understand You are amazing and also Very Beautiful Women Dear

  12. HK fans are really too much that its obnoxious, I would of never guessed Shawn and Kary since they’re no with the same company for over 10 yrs. one can sing and one can act, I don’t see why fans should be attacking it doesn’t do anyone good. No one is dumb enough to listen and obey their fan’s complaining. I don’t get it really whoever dates who there are always complaints. Not a huge fan of them but from what I heard Kary is a really good singer I thought she was the better talented one from Cookies. I think she’s quite pretty. Very fan will defend their idol, I don’t think Shawn is much of a panty dropper but a decent actor nothing great. He’s typecast in action packed films, he doesn’t really stand out.

    I’m pretty sure their fans are at least in their 20’s and them criticizing looks is immature, Shawn and Kary are not fifth graders there is more to a relationship than looks clearly those who are jealous or never experienced love wouldn’t understand that since they’re too obsessed.

    1. Very well said. We live in a shallow world where ficle people will go for looks instead of morals, character or substance in an individual. I’m glad my parents raised. Me right

  13. Actually, in keeping with the current trend, she is too old for him. At his age, he should be looking for a teenager and she someone in his 40s or 50s. LOL!

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