Kelly Chen, Tony Leung Ka Fai, and Ekin Cheng “Horseplay” Around

Lee Chi Ngai (李志毅) has gathered some of Hong Kong’s most mischievous actors in heist movie, Horseplay <盜馬記>. Starring Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝),Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健), Kelly Chen (陳慧琳), Eric Tsang (曾志偉), and Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), Horseplay is a comedy action film about a group of unlikely heroes who band up to chase after a has-been legendary thief around various cities in Europe.

Tony Leung Ka Fai stars as the Nine-Tailed Fox, a retired thief who is threatened by an unknown enemy to steal an ancient horse relic from an auction held in Prague, Czech Republic. In the meantime, he bumps into entertainment news anchor Ha Mui (Kelly Chen), who was sent to Prague to do some coverage on the auction. Obsessed with capturing the Nine-Tailed Fox for years, detective Cheung Ho (Ekin Cheng) uses this opportunity to chase after the thief and recruits the help of Ha Mui.

Theme Song “Why Not Tonight”

Last month, the three main leads recorded and filmed the music video for theme song “Why Not Tonight” <不如今晚>, a remake of Henry Mancini’s “It Had Better Be Tonight”, the original theme song for the 1963 film The Pink Panther. Tony, who has never attempted a singing career, expressed that he has been spending more time at the recording studio and hopes that everyone can hear the improvement in his vocals.

The trio had to memorize some choreography for the video, but because they were short on time, they were unable to execute the moves perfectly and had to film it in several takes in order to complete the shot. Tony said he thought of Aaron Kwok (郭富城) while filming the music video, “When I knew I had to shoot this MV I decided to choose Aaron Kwok as my target. I see him as my opponent. Hopefully I can get better than him!”

Tony, Ekin, and Kelly hope the audience will enjoy the film just as much as they liked the collaboration.Horseplay will open in mainland China on March 21, 2014 and Hong Kong on March 27, 2014.

“Horseplay” Trailer

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“Why Not Tonight” MV

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