Kevin Cheng, Chilam Cheung Show Off Age-Defying Looks at 18th China Music Awards

The 18th China Music Awards took place at the Venetian Macao on April 23. The award ceremony, which honors the year’s top music artistes, gave out trophies for 37 categories that included achievements in music production, stage, and dance.

Taiwanese artiste David Tao (陶喆) took home the Best Male Singer award along with Mainland talent Zhang Jie (張杰). Cheer Chen (陳綺貞) and China’s Li Yuchun (李宇春) were crowned this year’s Best Female Singers, and Cheer also picked up the Best Singer-Songwriter award with popular artiste Wu Bai (伍佰). Hins Cheung (張敬軒) nabbed the Most Popular Male Singer awards together with Zhang Jie, while Valen Hsu (許茹芸) and Zhou Bichang (周筆暢) claimed the title of Most Popular Female Singers.

To celebrate its eighteenth year, event organizers invited Jimmy Lin (林志穎), Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), and Chilam Cheung (張智霖) to accept their awards together on stage. Photos of their 18-year-old selves were on display, and many were amazed at their unchanged, youthful appearances.

Kevin, who is this year’s Media Recommended Artiste, was happy to receive the award and humbly joked that he would not have achieved the same honor in Hong Kong. Although he was praised for maintaining the same look over the years, Kevin actually sees drastic changes in himself and thinks of Jimmy as the true expert of defying age. Jimmy, who accepted the award for the year’s Most Popular Artiste, had apparently taught Kevin some of his own skin care secrets. “He said I must eat healthier, and asked if I have drank collagen. I said no, and he said ‘you must drink it! It has a different skin care effect than normal foods.'”

Equally well-kept Chilam Cheung took home the Best Film and Television Person of The Year award and was named the year’s Care Ambassador. He was asked to address his decision to withdraw from an upcoming free beach concert in Macau, which some say is staged by the government in order to distract attention away from a pro-democracy protest planned for the same day. Chilam cites the sensitive political nature of the event as a reason for his withdrawal, though made no comment on his stance.


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  1. Kevin’s face looks much fuller, almost chipmunk-like. He most likely had fillers done.

    1. Who does NOT age??? There is something wrong if you do not age.

    2. Kevin really looks like a Thailand man. This is not the first picture he looks like that.

  2. I’m sorry but both Chilam and Kevin actually reflects their age… Jimmy is another story. That man is like a kid!

  3. I don’t think Jimmy didn’t age. He age but his type of face is baby face, kind of look really odd for 40 years old man with that kind of look. I prefer manly 40 Years old than baby faced 40’s men. I think Alec su looks better than him.

  4. Some ppl are blessed with baby face. Well if they really never used anything to enhance their look then it’s kind of blessings for them.

  5. At first glance, I thought Jimmy Lin was the young emcee hosting show. He’s lucky to have been blessed with a “baby face”. Age defying looks? Yeah, with the help of Botox!

    1. No, Jimmy Lin aged a lot that at first I could not recognize him.I think Kevin and Chilam look younger than he does in the above photo.

    2. Something is very wrong with Jimmy Lin’s make up in the above photo. His face looks like puss yellow coloured… Ewwww…

      1. That was what I was thinking Puff which is another reason why I did not even recognize him at first.

  6. They’re all look great. Age is not important. Just be yourself & live healthy.

  7. chilam & kevin looks great in that pic and receiving
    at chuna music awards>>> it doesn’t matter that how old is their age at least they can sing and get good results

  8. All 3 look good for their age. Don’t exactly want to be in the 40s and still look barely pass 20.

  9. One can still look ‘young’ while in the 40’s. It’s after that that age will tell.
    At the moment all 3 above look just great. Kevin relises that time and tide wait for no man and is making the most of his time to look good, etc. He still has to have a girl though. Now, when??

    1. It really depends because my uncle is in his 60s but still looks great.

  10. Jimmy Lin look youthful, kind of baby face but I prefer Kevin looks, more mature and attractive.

  11. The angle and lighting makes Jimmy and Kevin look unnaturally younger. ChiLam on the other hand looks natural.

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