10 Korean Celebrities From Rich Families

It can be said that a perfect life is awaiting those who are born beautiful, smart, and rich. While some people would go through great efforts to check all the boxes, there are others just blessed with such luck.

Here are 10 female Korean celebrities born with a silver spoon in their mouths:

Moon Ga Young

Currently starring in popular rom-com True Beauty, trending star Ga Young is often praised for her stable acting skills. She began her career in show biz as a child star, which may not be surprising since she came from a wealthy background, with her father being a physicist and her mother a musician. They fell in love while studying in Germany and gave birth to Ga Young there, hence, Ga Young is fluent in Korean, English, and German. Aside from being multi-lingual, she is also versatile in the piano, violin, flute, rock climbing, diving, horse riding, golfing, and ballet.

Kim Tae Hee

Well-known as the nation’s top goddess, Tae Hee was not only born with gorgeous features that set the Korean standard for beauty, but she also comes from money. Her father is the chairman of Hankook Union Transportation Company, which has an annual turnover that reportedly exceeds 15 billion Korean won. On top of her looks and wealth, she is also intelligent. The actress aced her studies and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design at Seoul National University – the most prestigious school in the country. Famous for her beauty and brains, students from other universities transferred schools just to see her.

Jun Ji Hyun

Born in the expensive and trendy Gangnam neighborhood of Seoul, Ji Hyun is also among the elite circle. However, she is very private about her family. She has only shared that her parents were always busy working and very strict on manners. For instance, they emphasized bowing and showing good mannerisms toward the elderly, not talking while eating and studying hard. Such grooming allowed Ji Hyun to establish herself as one of the highest-paid actresses. Aside from her career successes, Ji Hyun is winning in the love department too. She is married to her childhood sweetheart Choi Joon Hyuk, a billionaire who is currently the CEO of Alpha Asset Management.

Lee Da Hae

While Da Hae often plays a poor woman in her dramas, she is a chaebol heiress in real life. Chaebol refers to a large family-owned industrial conglomerate. Since her father is a successful entrepreneur, Da Hae allegedly exclusively rode private cars during her high school days. Family riches aside, Da Hae is an admirable beauty well-versed in traditional Korean dance, ballet, and multiple languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Girls Generation’s Choi Soo Young

It’s no secret that Soo Young hails from an established family; her father is the chairman of both a production and construction company. Meanwhile, her mother teaches opera part-time. According to sources, the Choi family also owns many luxurious villas in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, an affluent neighborhood where most famous actors reside.

ITZY’s Lia

The rookie idol studied at a British international school, North London Collegiate School Jeju in Jeju Island. Reportedly, the yearly tuition fee at the prestigious leading boarding school is KRW 60 million.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé

All four members of BLACKPINK come from affluence. Jennie was born in the upscale Gangnam district and into a wealthy family. Her grandfather is the director of a well-known company, her father is a shareholder of a medical institution, and her mother is an investor.

Meanwhile, Jisoo’s father is the CEO of an entertainment company with shares in a TV station, while her mother is a musical actress. There are speculations that Jisoo’s father has roots stemming from the royal family of the Silla period. Likewise, Lisa is a rich third-generation with her mother belonging to a noble family in Thailand, and her stepfather is the world’s top Thai chef and owns a culinary school.

Lastly, Rosé was born into a family of lawyers. She also once studied law at an aristocratic Australian high school with tuition fees amounting to about KRW 30 million a year. BLACKPINK members are truly the definition of the Chinese phrase “fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful.”

Source: Beauty321

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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