BLACKPINK Lisa’s Weibo Account is Deleted?

Even though BLACKPINK Lisa’s individual Weibo account had more than 8 million fans, it may have been deleted. When clicking into her account, a message pops up stating, “This account cannot be viewed as it has been reported for violating the laws and regulations and relevant provisions of the Weibo Community Management Regulations.” Even her fanclub account, Lisa_Lalisahouse, has been deleted. Some netizens believe this is due to her sensual Crazy Horse performance which has triggered a lot of backlash in China.

Lisa may also be in a precarious position with her global brand endorsements. Bulgari’s CEO Jean-Christophe Babin had previously showed off his close relationship with Lisa, who is the brand’s global ambassador. However, he had deleted some photos and story highlights related to Lisa on his Instagram. Afterward, the CEO posted and shared some Instagram stories related to Lisa again.

It is said China accounts for more than 20 percent of the world’s luxury goods consumption. The recent financial crisis caused by China’s real estate industry led to economic stagnation and a shrinking luxury market. Despite this, brands cannot ignore the influence of the Chinese market and have swiftly removed connections with Lisa in an effort to appease China.

As soon as the report surfaced, it triggered heated discussions on the Qoo, the biggest online forum in South Korea dedicated to K-pop. Some Korean netizens did not understand why Lisa performed at Crazy Horse and felt she “self-inflicted” the consequences upon herself. The netizens wrote, “As an ambassador, Lisa is the face of the brand so of course they need to take responsible actions”; “The biggest player in the world’s luxury goods market is China, so they have to bow down to them” and “Since it is her choice, she must also suffer the consequences.”

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  1. While I feel that she is a grown woman and she has a choice to do what she wants with her body, I also think that people need to respect that some countries have more conservative values and there is a huge risk that you will be get banned for doing certain things, even more so if you publicise it. I know a lot of people here dislike China but countries are entitled to their own laws or customs, even if it seems strange to outsiders.

    Lisa may have had backlash, but I don’t think she is a victim. People might not agree with me, but I think Lisa and her team know what they were doing and things are going as planned. It is a publicity stunt. People who haven’t heard of Lisa before will now go and search up info on her and Blackpink, and the news has spread to the Western world as well so this incident has opened up other opportunities for her career. Whatever losses she has sustained, she will gain back in other ways, She has a professional team behind her. They won’t let her do something like this unless they have looked at all the pros and cons.

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