Jennie Applied for Trademark of Her Name

With BLACKPINK’s contract with YG Entertainment having ended in August, all eyes are on the next moves of the K-pop superstar group’s four members, though neither side has yet to make any official announcement. Recently, 27-year-old Jennie Kim was recently discovered to have registered her English name as a trademark across wide-ranging industries, further fueling rumors of her intentions to form her own agency!

Lisa and Jennie Plan to Launch Their Own Agencies


Since as far back as January, Jennie was found to have made the move for the trademark registration of her name “Jennie Ruby Jane” for use in over ten industries including food and beverage, entertainment, fashion, jewellery, home use and cosmetics, leading fans to speculate that she has intentions of starting her own agency since early on.

Seeing that YG Entertainment has secured the extension of labelmate GDRAGON’s name as a trademark in September this year, it looks to be a wise move on Jennie’s part to put in her trademark application early. Amid music labels clamoring to sign the world-famous group, Rosé is allegedly the only member to have renewed her contract, as Jisoo also has plans to establish her own agency, while Lisa has reportedly turned down a sky-high offer from YG to sign a new contract with a US agency instead.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. Great, I like to see how Lisa fares in US!!! As for the rest, without BlackPink, I wonder how will they grow internationally? They will still be popular in SK but elsewhere? I am keen to watch.

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