Music Labels Clamor to Sign BLACKPINK Members

Completing their world tour, BLACKPINK’s contract had allegedly ended in August but the members are speculated to have worked out a temporary extension while negotiating their contracts. YG Entertainment has not responded to inquiries on BLACKPINK’s next steps. Reporter-turned YouTuber, Lee Jin Ho, pointed out that Lisa will play a crucial role in whether BLACKPINK will renew their contracts.

With insider insight, Lee Jin Ho said many music labels are hoping to sign BLACKPINK as they are YG’s highest-earning idol group and has achieved worldwide fame. Lisa has even received an offer from a Thai company for US$50 million. With Lisa’s international recognition, her market value is estimated to be over US$80 million.

Lee Jin Ho added it is unlikely Lisa will be renewing her contract with YG. “Lisa’s participation in Crazy Horse has led to much negative feedback. South Korea is a country that prioritizes an artiste’s image. If she renews with YG, it will be hard for her to participate in more diverse performances. Right now, YG is hoping the members will sign with other companies as individuals but sign as a group with YG so that they can continue BLACKPINK activities.”

In the latest development, Rose is likely being pursued by Columbia Records. Rose was sighted meeting with Columbia Records’ CEO, Ron Perry, at a coffee shop in the United States. Netizens also noticed Ron Perry followed the social accounts of the four BLACKPINK members Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo and Lisa after meeting Rosé. Therefore, many fans speculate Columbia Records may want to sign BLACKPINK to its label, adding more diversity to its impressive roster including Adele and Beyoncé.

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