BLACKPINK’s Lisa Rumored With 3 Men

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been surrounded by dating rumors recently, with some media outlets reporting that she is dating three men at the same time! YG has yet to respond to any of the rumors.

Lisa was first speculated to be dating LVMH’s owner Bernard Arnault’s third son, Frederic Arnault. The pair was seen having a meal together in Europe, interacting at a gala, and visiting Greece. They were spotted at the same airport lounge after vacation. Lisa and Frederic were suspected to have already met each other’s parents. Frederic has been liking many of Lisa’s Instagram posts.

Afterward, Lisa was also romantically linked with singer Dominic Fike. They have a similar tattoo and spent time together at Coachella.

When it was announced that Lisa would be performing at famous Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse, rumors circulated on Weibo that she is dating a “Mr. P” from Crazy Horse.

Among her rumored boyfriends, many fans are most supportive of Lisa dating Frederic due to his impressive profile. Born in 1995, he  graduated from École Polytechnique, one of the top 50 schools in the world where he majored in mathematics and computer science. He is fluent in four languages and worked at Facebook before becoming the CEO of Tag Heuer.

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Spotted With Rumored Boyfriend at Airport

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  1. All these dirty water is splash on papers and online because she has not agree to renew her contract with YG…And her contract is ending soon. She has tons of offers around the world and she no longer need to be controlled by YG… Happy for her, I hope she makes the best decision that suits her needs. Will ignore the dirty press we will see released from now… Power play!!

  2. @Hohliu
    So glad t see you here. Hope all is going as well as can be with you. Isn’t this news so convenient…haha. .They are trying to make he out to be a loose woman, plain and simple. Her career will not stall if she pulls the plug on
    her agency, so they are trying to inflict damage, plain n simple. This agency realizes they are losing control over Liza and they are miffed. There should be a law holding these agents accountable for their criminal treatment of these artists. Many will be carted off to jail, and ne in particular will be the first to be thrown into her cell.

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