BLACKPINK Lisa Gets Investigated in Thailand Over Alcohol Ads

As one of the world’s biggest K-pop stars, BLACKPINK member Lisa carries tremendous commercial power and has recently announced that she will be the first female spokesperson for Scotch whiskey brand “Chivas”. The new collaboration has generated a lot of positive buzz online, but it is also putting Lisa in trouble with the law in her home country Thailand.

In Thailand where the dominant religion is Buddhism, it is illegal to advertise and encourage others to drink directly or indirectly. The ban is extended to the media platform such as in the television and movies where any imagery or reference to liquor is censored.

Due to Lisa’s popularity, the Thailand Office of Alcohol Control Committee is launching an investigation into Lisa’s role in promoting alcohol. In addition, the committee is warning its citizens that it is illegal to  share the singer’s whiskey ads and pictures on social media. Violators will be fined up to 500,000 baht and could be sentenced to up to one year in prison.

Source: World Journal

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    1. Too many double standards and hypocrisy in Asia. Chris Wu Chengyang advertised the MaCallan Whiskey and no one raised an eyebrow or said anything. He is Buddhist, and a lot of citizens of Taiwan are also Buddhist. The truth is sinple, she is a woman advertishng alcohol and that is considered unacceptable and unladylike, plain and simple.

      1. But I don’t think Taiwan has a law against it. Thailand has a law against it. I don’t think it has much to do with gender.

  1. This is so ridiculous and sexist. They are such a bunch of hypocrites. Why is Asia so full of hypocrisy?? The straight up truth is, she is a woman advertising alcohol and that is frowned upon. Hiding behind the Buddhism excuse is an afront to women.
    Chris Wu Chengyang is Buddhist and he advertised the MaCallan Whiskey, and no one brought up his religion. As a matter of fact, no one complained at all. Two many double standards set out in Asia, and women are often given a raw deal.

  2. Didn’t know there’s such a law in Thailand but she has broken the law and needs to face the consequences. Maybe a fine at most? She’s too valuable as an asset for her agency not to hire an army of lawyers to defend her.

  3. How did her agency let her sign up to endorse something that would be illegal in her home country? It’s not like she doesn’t have family there and never plan on going back. I know YG isn’t exactly a moral pillar, but I still hope they fix this issue for her.

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