Is BLACKPINK’s Lisa Dating TAG Heuer’s CEO?

BLACKPINK’s Lisa was previously rumored to be dating NCT’s Taeyong after being spotted sharing many couple items. However, did a new man now steal Lisa’s heart?

BLACKPINK recently wrapped up a performance at London’s 2023 BST Hyde Park concert. After the performance, Lisa did not return to South Korea, but was witnessed having a meal in a restaurant in Paris. A recent Tik Tok video has been circulating showing Lisa smiling happily with a man beside her.

The mysterious man was revealed to be TAG Heuer’s CEO, Frédéric Arnault. Only 28 years old, he is also the third son of Bernard Arnault, once the world’s richest man who was only recently overtaken by Elon Musk. The family owns LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s largest luxury goods company.

There seems to be some validity to the rumors, as Frédéric has already been sighted at many of BLACKPINK’s concerts and he also attended Coachella, taking pictures with the group backstage. He was also in attendance at Lisa’s public events.

Although the pair seems very compatible, Frederic allegedly already has a girlfriend. Lisa’s management company has not yet responded to the rumors.

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  1. They could be or not. It’s interesting how there are so many news articles about her dating when her contract is going to end soon. I couldn’t help but thought it was done by the company to pressure her to renew her contract with them or try to tarnish her image. Knetz are being very nasty with her right now. I’m sure they must be very mad upon hearing she will leave even though they claimed she wasn’t necessary. What’s wrong with being a SEA person or from SEA countries? A big part of Korean’s economy is from Kpop and SEA countries carry Kpop. Kpop wouldn’t make it this big without SEA countries.

    1. I was wondering why these are popping out!! It is such a common tactics. I hope her the best and she is so good, she can go Solo. She is really not promoted as much as she is worth.

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