Adrienne Lau is Scared for Her Safety While Living in Los Angeles

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading faster across California and the United States, Chinese American singer Adrienne Lau (劉晨芝) said that she is starting to fear for her life.

The 38-year-old singer, who was raised in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, said rising xenophobia and racism against the Chinese in the United States are pushing many Asian Americans to purchase guns to protect themselves from danger.

“My family has recently purchased a handgun for self defense,” said Adrienne. “A lot of people are talking about getting a gun. You can’t even get a second one if you wanted to.”

Adrienne criticized President Donald Trump’s racist usage of “Chinese virus” to define COVID-19. “It is absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for. I am very angry. He’s making all the Chinese who are living in America to fear for their lives! It adds to the racism! A lot of us are now even afraid to go out alone.”

Originally scheduled to start work for the Hollywood film The Card Counter directed by Paul Shrader, production was halted after a bit-part actor was tested positive for the coronavirus. “I received the news by phone and was told that production would be postponed,” said Adrienne. “It’s a good thing that I wasn’t already there, because then I would have to be quarantined. We only had five more days left of filming.”

Adrienne is not concerned that her role would be deleted. “All the contracts were signed. Filming is just postponed. It will eventually finish!”


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  1. With guns so easily bought in US, no wonder so many shooting cases there and till now have done nothing to control it. Bet chances ppl in the states died of covid-19 is slimmer than gunshots.

    1. I was an Anti-Trump Supporter since the beginning when we voted for Hillary Clinton.

  2. thought california would be less racist again asian given they are the majority. is racism most prevalent in the big cities or smaller cities? we were at La Quinta a small town two hours from LA and Joshua Tree in the summer. We did not see one asian person but we didn’t experience any mistreatment thank goodness.

  3. Hmm….I think Adrienne saying that she fears for her life due to racism is going overboard. I’ve lived in Los Angeles my entire life and while I have encountered discrimination and racism as every other Asian person most likely has, it has never gotten to the point where I fear for my life or feel the need to buy a gun to protect myself or my family. Even now, amid the covid-19 thing, when I (or any of my family members) go out, we don’t feel unsafe at all. But then again everyone’s experiences are different. I think as long as Adrienne speaks for herself rather than try to generalize her experience upon all Asians, I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with what she is saying.

    1. @llwy12 people have different fears & reactions. She couldve watched the news or heard about experiences of violence. It’s legal to own a gun in US; some people even have multiple guns. People also have diff experiences based on whichever neighborhood they’re in

  4. an elderly Chinese man was beaten with a metal rod in one of the districts of San Francisco. The assailant yelled “I hate Asians!”. This is just one of many hate crimes against Chinese in that city and other cities as well. As the virus spreads and people get desperate and fearful, they’ll increasingly lash out at a target – which will be Asians.

  5. It is easier to buy a gun than get a COVID19 test in the US.

    The president should be more careful of his words. But that is unlikely to happen because he has a selfish man.

  6. America’s president doesn’t seem to bother to do anything to help his Asians…don’t know if it was a good choice to have someone like that that doesnt care about his US people to be a president of the states… #america #laughatyourself

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