26 Years Later, Anita Yuen Reunites with Sean Lau for “Integrity”

Film Queen Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) used to be the brightest new star of the film industry, but after settling down and starting a family with fellow actor Chilam Cheung (張智霖), she decided to take a step down to focus on raising their son Morton.

But according to director Alan Mak (麥兆輝), it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get Anita back to doing movies again.

Known for her straightforward personality, the 47-year-old actress has her standards so high that even her older cousin, director Alan Mak, was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to meet it.

But to his surprise, things didn’t turn out to be that bad. “I’ll be honest. I was a bit nervous calling her for the job,” he said. “Fortunately she agreed to look through the script. I even told her a couple of times to read it first—don’t get mad at me just yet—it’s okay if you don’t want to do it…”

And Anita immediately said yes.

Integrity <廉政風雲 煙幕>, directed by Alan Mak and produced by his frequent collaborator Felix Chong (莊文強), features a star-studded cast that centers on a team of ICAC investigators. It stars Sean Lau (劉青雲), Nick Cheung (張家輝), Karena Lam (林嘉欣), and Alex Fong Chung-sun (方中信).

The film will not only be Anita’s first film in five years, she will also be playing a villain—a first in her career.

Playing opposite Sean, whom she worked with in 1993’s C’est la vie, mon chéri <新不了情> (the film that also gave Anita the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress), Anita will no longer be playing Sean’s lover, but his opponent, going head to head against him on court.

This will also be her first movie with Sean since the 1993 romance film.

“I didn’t think much about it when I first heard that I’ll be working with [Anita] again,” said Sean. “But once I saw her, all the memories we shared together just poured out. We’re both married  now, and she also has a son, but when I saw her, it was like seeing an old girlfriend again. I know the people around us were even more excited to see us together!”

Alan Mak praised their chemistry together, saying, “They work extremely well together. Though they weren’t doing a gun action sequence, they controlled the intense rhythm very well. It was great to watch.”

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Even the directors are afraid of Anita. Also that statement is ‘she decided to take a step down to focus on raising their son Morton’ is totally incorrect. Anita’s popularity decreased which was why she disappeared from leading movies and that was years before she had a kid….

    1. @jimmyszeto right? She was popular for a bit and then the more of a relationship w/the husband was more recognized than her acting skills. The ‘afraid’ of her vibe is probably real as she does seem to have a ” It’s all about me ” kind of attitude or that was my imagination. lol…haha…. Like the snake actress costar that he was rumored to be and whenever reporters bring the woman up, she seems to have this defensive face or tone. haha lol….

  2. Does Anita Yuen feel she’s entitled to be a hot fuse to everyone (including husband and son)? She may have found fame once upon a time (with Leslie Cheung’s support and encouragement) but she need to realise that the world does not spin around her finger. She is definitely not the reason for Integrity’s success, glad she recognised this fact and not try to steal other’s thunder. On my books there are many better actors with better personalities too. She has a long ling way to grow to be a better person and to horne her acting skills.

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