Chilam Cheung Wants to “Retire” within Five Years

In the behind-the-scenes add-on segment of Chinese reality show Call Me By Fire <披荊斬棘的哥哥>, one if its contestants, actor Chilam Cheung (張智霖) shared about the benefactors in his life, and why he hopes to “retire” within five years!

Three Benefactors: Anita, TVB Producer &…Himself!

Asked by host Rapper Bridge to name three benefactors who have helped him in his life, Chilam replied without a thought, “my wife” as his first answer, referring to Anita Yuen (袁詠儀), who he has been together with for 29 years and married for twenty.

The next benefactor that came to his mind was a TVB producer whom Chilam did not name, but described thus, “He approached me to film Cold Blood Warm Heart <天地男兒>, and after that Triumph In the Skies <冲上云霄> as well”, leaving the station’s recognized producers Jonathan Chik (戚其義) and Tommy Leung Ga-shu (梁家樹) as the two most likely guesses. Finally, the 50-year-old thanked himself. “I had to put in the effort,”

Realizing He’s Lost His Drive

Responding to the discussions of retirement brought up earlier on the show, Chilam said, “I meant within five years”, and explained that he felt too fatigued now and has lost the ardor for the craft he used to love. “In the past I’d [go] act with a lot of passion, now I don’t seem to have that drive,” he admitted candidly.

Emphasizing that he might find an alternative to focus his energies on, he shared his thoughts. “So what to do, maybe there’s no more passion. Whether you want to do acting or singing, you need to have a focus. It’s not about [entirely] not working–it is perhaps doing something else.”

Source: Chinapress

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  1. He is definitely one guy who loves and worship his wife…he even enjoyed being hen-pecked by her… There are guys like him. Anita has such a strong character, she needs a moan like Chilam… it is perfect for both of them.

    1. “Hen-pecked” on the surface maybe but not a walkover as this can easily veer into boredom or, worse, loss of respect. There are certainly strong personalities out there who aren’t looking for an equal, but I doubt Anita is one of them / would stick around for a partner she sees as being ‘lesser’. There’s people like Chilam who are comfortable enough to go with the flow without fear of losing themselves – I feel that speaks volumes about how at one with themselves they are and not feel the need to impose themselves. Just my gut feeling anyway.

      1. @Mika Lol, actually “hen-pecked” is definitely not a negative word for this couple… Just like my relationship with my hubby too. He is happy to be “hen-pecked” by me…Not because he has no opinion of his own or he has a weak character. He just goes along with me…and he strangely even enjoy me nagging at him. But he does make the really big decisions for the family…I handle everything else. Chilam Cheung and my hubby have very similar characters.

  2. As with any occupation, it’s always possible to lose your passion. At least he’s honest about it and I’m sure he and his wife have made enough to last them a lifetime. But what will he do for a living if not acting/singing? Business? You have to have a clear goal and be driven to succeed in order to do well. He gives me too much of a laid back and chill feel. And his wife is too hot tempered and intense to start a business.

  3. He has invested in a lot of properties in mainland, so I think he is okay financially. His looks are fading because he is 50 and hasn’t had a breakthrough role. He has been funny, flirty, serious, sweet, and evil on TV. Perhaps a mentally disturbed or developmental disorder? He was always too good looking to play those roles when young. Or perhaps he has to compete in mainland. It’s like Charmaine, still thriving at 46 and didn’t enter mainland market until 36.

  4. Lol Anita refuted the rumors about Chilam retiring and she said he’s not! Ever! Lol. But I think he is and he will prob get her to see his POV about retiring from the screen. His good looks will fade and honestly they both have enough money to never work another day again

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