Aaron Kwok Suspects He Was Terminally Ill While Immersed in Film Role

So engrossed in his role, the actor went for a checkup to make sure he was fine.

Starring Aaron Kwok (郭富城), the premier of Hong Kong film I’m Livin’ It <麥路人> has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, director Wong Hing Fan (黃慶勳) and Aaron did a Facebook “live” broadcast together to discuss the film, and the actor shared that he had been so engrossed in his role that he thought he was terminally ill just like his character.

Coughed Non-stop During Filming

Aaron’s first time doing Facebook Live, he shared unforgettable memories on set. Sharing how his onscreen character was someone who would buy cigarettes whenever he has any money, Aaron thus appeared to be smoking all the time onscreen, leading to him coughing non-stop throughout the duration of filming. Crew members got worried and advised him to see a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctor for medication. While his character contracted a terminal illness, Aaron shared, “After filming, I kept feeling uncomfortable the whole day and thought I had a terminal illness too. I was so worried I went for a body checkup and was comforted only when the doctor said my body was fine.”

In the film, veteran actress Nina Pow (鮑起靜) acted as Aaron’s mother. Recalling their onscreen mother-son bond, he was reminded of his own departed mother, and admitted that his character stirred much of his own feelings about losing his kin.

Might Switch to Directing in Future

Asked about his directing aspirations, Aaron mentioned that he had a spontaneous story idea about five or six years ago when visiting the restroom, and even found someone to work on the story. “I have a very picky personality. If I were to be a director, I would be very particular if the set wasn’t perfect or if things weren’t at its optimal state. I don’t know how long I would take to finish (a film)! Being a director while acting would distract me. Focusing on acting alone now lets me collect my emotions, and after that I might go into directing.”

The actor added that he had been taking care of his two daughters at home recently, celebrating the birthdays of the younger four month-old and his elder one year-old with a simple cake at home. Staying and eating at home for the past three months, Aaron said it was a “new record” of his, and thanked his father-in-law for being in charge of cooking. Aaron wants to challenge himself to be a chef as he “knows nothing” about cooking.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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