Ada Choi and Sheren Tang Agree to Film “War and Beauty 2”

TVB will film a sequel to its classic series War and Beauty 2 <金枝慾孽2> in 2012 and shot a sales presentation clip of the drama yesterday. Although Bowie Lam (林保怡) was loved by audience for his role as “Suen Bai Yeung” in the original series, he has not yet agreed to film the sequel. Producer Jonathan Chik (戚其義) was fortunate that new mother, Ada Choi (蔡少芬), agreed to film the series and will bring her infant baby daughter to the filming location.

Yesterday, Ada Choi, Moses Chan (陳豪), Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) and other cast members appeared at TVB City to film the sales presentation clip for War and Beauty 2. Missing the opportunity to appear in the original series, Ada played a maid in the sales presentation clip. Ada laughed and said that Producer Jonathan Chik wished her to start from lowly ranks in the sequel, since playing an Empress would not offer any novelty. In War and Beauty 2, Ada and Sheren will share numerous scenes together.

Earlier, Ada’s husband, Max Zhang (張晉), announced that Ada would take a hiatus from filming in order to take care of their infant daughter, Zoe. Possessing a passionate interest in acting, Ada revealed that she signed a contract to film three series [20 episodes each] with TVB. If War and Beauty 2 were to be 40 episodes in length, then it would fulfill the filming obligation of two series as per her TVB contract.  Since filming will take place in Beijing and other places, how will Ada care for her daughter? Ada said, “I’ll take her with me! Yesterday, when I filmed two hours for the sales presentation clip, my daughter cried for two hours! My husband sent me a photo of her crying face and I was heartbroken. However, I was also happy, as it proved that my daughter was fine without me. I cannot stop working, so I have to experience these situations!”

Was Ada approached by other television stations for recruitment? Ada replied, “Before I had my daughter, I had already signed a contract with TVB. I will not take advantage of the current poaching situation to ask for more money!” Extremely blissful since the birth of her daughter, Ada posted a photo of Baby Zoe in her diapers yesterday on her blog.

Moses Chan Avoided Seeing Girlfriend, Aimee Chan, Reveal Her Bra

Bowie Lam and Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) characters in War and Beauty were very well loved by the audience; however, it was still unknown as to whether they will be able to appear in the sequel. Confirmed to star in War and Beauty 2, Moses Chan said that both Bowie and Charmaine were indispensable, joking that perhaps they will appear in the sequel, “I don’t know who will act in the series, but I hope that the sequel can extend the story and that I do not have pressure!” (Will Moses Chan watch girlfriend, Aimee Chan  (陳茵媺), reveal her bra in Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III>?) “Earlier, she mentioned the scene to me. Although I support her, I will skip the scene and not watch it!”

Sheren Tang Confirmed Filming War and Beauty

Since she agreed to film the sales presentation, Sheren Tang noted that she will be appearing in War and Beauty 2 <金枝慾孽2>. Asked whether TVB’s decision to not film Rosy Business 3 <巾幗梟雄> led to her decision to accept filming War and Beauty 2 instead, Sheren said, “No! Producer Chik asked me first and I have a contract with TVB.” (Will you be getting a salary increase?) “I am not an outsider, so I don’t think there will be an salary adjustment. Work is not always about money!” (Did City Telecom’s Ricky Wong (王維基) seek you out?) “No, contract matters are a commercial secret.”


Jayne: Glad to have Ada and Sheren in the War and Beauty 2 cast. Aside from Moses, wonder who will be the new male cast member? If Bowie declines his role, which actor would you like to see in this sequel?

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    1. Or they can say that he survived and never died in the first place.

      1. Totally agree with you Masaharu!! Since we did not see his dead body or anything, it is easy to bring him back to life.

      2. Fox, I hope you’re not implying that the Laughing Gor we saw in LOO is a zombie hahah. That might explain all the “Laughing Gor” posings and “choks”.

        PS: above is just kidding 😛

      3. HTS, yeah it’s easier for scriptwriters to create a “believable reason”(to TVB’s logic extent) for the coming-back-to-life character; if there’s “no body, no tomb”.

      4. I dun think he is a zombie because he dun put his arms high like the zombie does. The theory he is a vampire like Edward Cullen more :P, except that he dun sparkling.

        The most used reason to bring another ppl to life: Long lost twins, lol.

      5. Wa & Beauty 2 : War of the zombies and their fair maidens

        Laughing Gor will make an appearance in this new series as… himself which proves the theory that Laughing Gor is a walking dead.

      6. Omg, I still can’t get over the “sparkling” vampire of Twilight haha..The novel and films are “enjoyable” to me for the wrong reasons 😛

      7. Laughing gor is a hard to die gor. “Nan sei gor” would be his new name.

  1. Nooooo! I don’t know why but I have the sinking feeling that the series may suck D: I love them both but with TVB scripts deterioating in quality as of late, I feel like this may be so wrong for them.

    1. I do so since many times, the sequals are a downfall to the first parts. I also did not like part 1 and did not see what the big hype was all about. But hey, maybe the sequal will be good??

      1. Haha. We have the same thought here. I also did not see what the big hype was all about. I watch the series, but, didn’t see its greatness.

      2. I like YuFei :P. It’s a type of chac that I like.

        Uhm, and it is the last Chik stuff that I like.

      3. I’m weird again, I like Yu Fei, but I like the isolated concubine much more :P. She’s very pretty too.

        War and Beauty is a fine TVB drama in my POV. It has breathtaking scenery and cinematography, detailed costume and better screenplay than many other TVB dramas.

      4. @Masaharu: Your taste and mine seem so similar. She is also my No. 1 Fave and wat to say? She is so beautiful.

      5. I thought Jade Leung(?), Charmaine’s sister, was very beautiful too. Gigi Lai was beautiful until she started crying and her face got all scrunched up together. I disliked Gigi’s crying scenes in all her series.

      6. @ HeTieShou and Kidd

        You see… concubines outwitting for the emperor’s favor is just like your Conqueror’s Story, Kidd. Only that was men outwitting each other to gain the “jiang shan” (country).

        So the battle strategies and tricks used in both are the same for outwitting your enemy.


      7. Yu Fei is my favorite too although Jade is the prettiest amongst all the concubines. Her look reminds me of Michele Reis minus the mixed blood thing.

      8. @canto:

        U make me think of the show “survivor” – outwit, outplay, outlast!

        I loved WAB precisely for all the scheming btwn the ladies. So entertaining.

        Yee shun gloats to yuk ying “even if you’re naked in front of the king, I have a way to get him back.”

  2. I dont know whether this series will fail bad like others but I’m definitely waiting for it to be aired.. since I like ancient series with fighting around in the palace.

  3. Yay! I like Ada a lot, can’t wait to see her in this. Although reviews were mixed about WAB, I quite enjoyed the series. I didn’t think much of Moses’s character in the first one though.

  4. Read the whole article, I love Ada too and just find out that she’s a maid in this series…so she will get promoted and become a concubine like btroc?

  5. Most likely, Maggie Siu would probably added to the cast. Any word on Maggie Cheung?

    I’d like Steven Ma or Wayne Lai added to the cast. I think they need another big male name in that age range.

    1. Wayne might make a good king. It’s more appealing that the concubines fight over him than some old fart.

      @exoidus had mentioned LF could be a good eunuch. But I think it would be too sad for all the palace women. They love him but can’t do anything. What a waste.

      1. Wayne can’t be a king. He lacks that kingly thing. Very few can be king actually. Maybe under heavy makeup with moustache and all.

        Now LF as eunuch? Cruel! I don’t see LF as secondliner unless we are talking about a series on Lee Linying, then maybe. But who says he can’t do anything. He can give others pleasure and suffer himself!!

      2. Why do you all look at LF like he’s the only sexy one in tvb? lol.. I dont find him appealing like his fans does neither do I find him me, he looks normal with arrogance feels.

      3. @Veejay: That’s why you are not a fan, simply that, lol.

        You can’t like a person without finding them too normal to your taste. Same, you can’t dislike a person without finding something annoying in them.

        @Funn: Wayne dun have the “wealthy” smell with him.

      4. Yah, I don’t think Wayne have the “king smell” either. He’s good as a general.

    2. @Ac,

      Totally support your idea of getting SM into WAB2..Atleast Moses can’t enjoy all these hot concubine himself..SM can enjoy abit lol.

      1. That’s why I wanted SM to be in WAB2 knowing he has never been in grand production..also made me wonder why he was not in 1? Since he’s popular in ancient series and not a klf. Politics issue again maybe?

      2. Ever notice SM is never in big ensemble cast production? Good for him though; it is almost always the smaller productions that are better.

      3. Many said SM get famous thru smaller production because they have better plot but I really hope SM would be in a grand production one day just to see how it goes.. with him acting along with his 1st line peers.

    3. Maggie Cheung said she’s focusing on Stairways to Heaven right now (wraps around December), and then she’ll discuss what’s next with TVB. If Maggie does choose Empress Lu or The Grand Eunuch, I don’t think she’ll do War and Beauty 2.

      1. @Funn, yeah the title totally reminded me of the famous K-drama, Stairway to Heaven which aired quite a few years back

      1. They’re still wearing hats! Added fur! The costume looks recycled though. Maybe WAB 2 will be filmed in HD, then we can see how really glorious the costumes are. Sorry, I am still in love with BBJX’s costumes. The sewing, the golden threads practically leap out of the costume. I like the purple one. I think TVB can do that if they do not reuse and make new ones. And then make an exhibition perhaps? I will sure go and see.

    1. Beijing is quite cold in the winter and fur clothes can be recycled.

  6. Thanks @Jayne for translating this, very happy to hear that Sheren Tang will be this! However, are they not going to cast any current Fadans like Linda Chung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui or Tavia Yeung in there? Would be kinda lacklustre to only have Ada, Sheren and some uprising B-list actresses like Elaine Yiu and etc starring in there for the female characters (assuming Charmaine doesn’t return) Furthermore, TVB should make use of this opportunity to let their current Fadans ride along with the international spotlight on this series because it is indeed a fact that the current Fadans need more heavyweight dramas to add to their portfolios! Don’t tell me they are going to cast all their eggs (fadans) in one basket (re: “Triumph In The Skies II”)

    1. Ah K,
      As Charmaine Sheh is not yet confirmed to film WAB2, it appears that final casting decisions have not been made yet. If Charmaine does not accept the role, I’m sure Producer Chik will cast someone from the younger fadan generation. Weren’t there earlier rumors that Tavia Yeung and Kate Tsui would be cast in WAB2?

      Agree that Steven Ma would be a good choice in WAB2 as he fits the aristocratic and scholarly look well. Given his current contract dispute with TVB, I doubt he will stay with the company though.

      1. But doesn’t SM have too many scholars role? Change a bit will be better.

    2. If they do add any of the current fadans, I would hope it’s Linda and Tavia since the other 3 is in Triumph already. That’s basically my only reasoning for this. lol

    3. Give B-list girls chance and who noe they can be more famous than the A-list.

  7. so sick of these kind of series already. if it attracts high ratings there will for sure be a WOB 3,4….n

  8. Since Bowie is not filming the sequel, I have a feeling they going to ask sunny chan or Roger kwok to act in this. Somehow they never mention about Maggie cheung in the sequel

  9. To me, Maggie Cheung’s and Sheren Tang’s role were the most significant storylines in WAB I. Just wondering why they haven’t uttered a single word about inviting Maggie Cheung to film the sequel. Maggie, Ada, and Sheren would make a perfect trio.

    1. Was she shot at the end? If they want to do a sequel, itis good idea if she does not come back.


      1. This is called the sequel, but I think it will be a completely new series. Thus, the fact that Maggie’s role is believed to have died in WABI doesn’t matter much. My wish is that Maggie would be taken into account by Producer Chik and be given a co-leading role.

      2. Maybe they can say she fell into a coma and got saved by Moses’ undying puppy eyed love hahahaha

      3. Or she’ll become Snow White and be saved by… put the apple out of her mouth!

      4. I remember Moses saying something about a possibility of reprising his role as Hung Mo in an interview (correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t remember the details exactly) – so I think TVB’s actually trying to do a sequel, not a remake.

      5. I think after Bowie and Gigi rejected TVB’s offer, TVB’s deciding to do a sequel instead, considering that Bowie and Gigi’s characters died in WAB anyways. Maggie’s character also died.

      6. @Addy,

        They really bothered to ask Gigi to she’ll film the sequel? Thought she has retired for good.

      7. Well even when an artist retires, they do come back when there are special requests for them to come back. Many artists retire and come back so maybe one day we may see Gigi again, who knows?

    3. But actually we don’t know if Maggie died. Seeing that her character just “fell asleep” on Moses’ shoulder so it’s still possible that she didn’t die.

  10. I do not think it is a good idea to have a sequel (start from the end of the the first). The queen and Sheren declared war at the end. Bowie and his lover were assumed to be dead, his father got his ring from the bird. If he had not been dead, first one ending would have become crap. Maggie was shot and (certainly) died on the hands of Moses. Moses ran away and his escape might be no longer a secret, for a sequel, he must come back but for what purpose? For Sheren?

  11. I very glad to read this news. At last, Sheren & Ada will shoot this WAB2. Wooow! I cant wait to see it ^.^ Sheren is still so nice like her role 7 years ago.

    No matter what role Sheren take in this sequel. I think it will hook audiences’ attention. I so regret that Gallen Lo has refused filming this because Sheren hope to coborate w him. They r so skillful!!!

    Maybe Wayne is the best choice, but he have to shoot another film at that time. Moreover, Sherayne would like to film a modern drama. Who knows! Wait and see!

    1. I think Ada will be pretty in quarreling especially with her high pitch tone. She will suit in WAB2.

    1. Linda looks too modern in those pictures. The other girl look more convincing as a Qing lady.

      1. Too bad Halina Tam has ended her contract with TVB. She wasn’t getting any big roles though.

      2. Oh really?? So has Halina left the circle for good?? I will miss seeing her…

  12. WAB 2 will be a complete new story line, no way they can continue from WAB 1 story.

    It will be like Rosy Business 1 & 2 which are both different plot lines.

  13. The cast is not official until they slate the shoot. So don’t be concerned if you don’t see someone you’d like to see in the series. Ada was also in the Sales Presentation clip of the original War and Beauty and when it shot, she wasn’t in it.

  14. Ada and Sheren are confirmed <3. That's the most important part. Would be nice to get Charmaine and Maggie back too. As for guess, Roger would be nice, though I can't recall how he is in ancient. Steven Ma would be nice to reunite with Charmaine/Ada but with contract dispute and usual TVB politics, slim chance. Hope they can get some older guys to like Ngok Wah. Presumable they will insert some younger fa dans too but please not Myolie or Tavia. Don't think there's a single show next year without either of them!

    1. Totally forgot about Maggie. Why isn’t she confirmed since she’s back with TVB already? Is she filming something else that clashes with WAB2?

      Hopefully, Kate doesn’t get casted here. She doesn’t look as pretty in ancient as she does in modern. Like Jayne said, she has a very modern look.

  15. As happy as I am for Sheren for coming back to film another series, I am kinda sick of TVB filming sequels to old series dating back 5+ years ago. I mean it’s already pathetic they have to go back and film Triumph in the Skies, a series from 2003, when you don’t have Francis Ng as lead. Now you’re trying to make War and Beauty 2 happen, AND forensic heroes 3??

    I don’t get it – is TVB seriously running out of ideas and plots they need to hang on to old shows? But I guess that’s all I have. Most of the time, the shows these days are seriously make you feel like your IQ went down. It’s not even the so bad it’s good – it’s entertaining, kind. It just sucks.

  16. Funn. Don’t cut Wayne off just yet. He was able to surprise me again and again whenever I was convinced he was miscast in previous series playing characters that seems not suited to his stature and perceived characteristic.

  17. I hate when they bring dead characters back to life. I don’t care how much the characters are loved by the audience, that love can only be lasting if they stay dead. Bringing them back alive only soils the love for that character and overtime nobody gives a flying fence about it. Look at Laughing Gor. Joke!!!

  18. After watching FH3… my hopes for this drama is slowly dying off LOL but nonetheless, Sheren and Ada!! :O THAT IS SOLID.

    I need to rewatch the first WAB. The only thing I remember is that half of the main cast died, lol.

  19. omg the f****** costumes are recycled!!!!!! ******* cheap tvb too stingy to buy new sh*t.

  20. I didn’t enjoy the first one but will watch the sequel as I like Ada and Sheren as well as Moses. Maybe it’ll be better than the first – who knows.

  21. If its gonna be a grand production, you would think that TVB is gonna come up with some new costumes. That, they can’t even do. sad. RIP TVB.

  22. I heard TVB’s actually going to Beijing to film WAB2. Is that true? If so, then that’s awesome. Competition ftw. Hate to see recycled-looking TVB studio scenes over and over again. (especially when it comes to a Qing dynasty drama!)

  23. They can get Ruco or SM but not Laughing Gor please!!!! I’ll boycott the show if I see him!

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