Adia Chan, Eddie Cheung Film “Full-time Nowhere Woman”

Away from television screens for years, Adia Chan (陳松伶) returns to film TVB comedy Full-time Nowhere Woman <全職沒女> with Eddie Cheung (張兆輝). Although it is the first time Adia and Eddie are paired as romantic leads, they have already struck an easy friendship and chemistry offscreen.

Portraying make-up artist in a wedding studio, Adia’s character is a middle-aged bachelorette yearning for love. By chance, she meets the arrogant CEO Eddie. Although the pair are polar opposites, they develop feelings for each other after a series of unexpected encounters.

The refreshing pairing of Adia and Eddie has been well-received when the cast of Full-time Nowhere Woman was announced. Adia admitted that she had watched many of Eddie’s dramas while growing up, so working with him brought back a lot of nostalgia. Eddie laughed and said he agreed to film the drama because of Adia’s involvement, since it has been more than ten years since Adia appeared in the TVB drama.

Eddie revealed that Aadia personally requested more intimate scenes be added in. Eddie laughed, “I’m pretty sure we have some intimate scenes. But [Adia] requested them to be added! I don’t know what she said though. What’s even considered intimate on TV? I’m thinking just hugging, and kissing. It’s probably going to be filmed from a special angle to make it look like we’re kissing anyway. Even if it’s actual kissing, it shouldn’t be a problem – we’re professionals after all.”

Not worried that her husband would be unhappy with the intimate scenes, Adia said he already knew about them. In fact, Aadia said urged her husband to come visit her on set.

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