Ali Lee Believes that Waiting During Filming is a Waste of Time

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Ali Lee Believes that Waiting During Filming is a Waste of Time

Ali Lee (李佳芯) recently made a guest appearance on Carol Cheng’s (鄭裕玲) program “When I was Young I Listen to the Radio” <口水多過浪花>. During the interview, the TV Queen shared that the waiting on the filming set is a waste of time. Carol agreed with Ali’s comments on TVB’s notoriously long waiting time.

Today, Ali attended a Lunar New Year event in which she further elaborated her comments. Ali said, “I think Carol is amazing, especially when she asked ‘What exactly are we waiting for anyway?’ Obviously the way of saying it is different between her and me because she is more confident. That’s why I believe everyone needs to be striving for what is appropriate for him or her. I still believe the work environment is very happy and that’s most important to me.”

So what exactly is happening during the wait time on the filming set? Ali shared, “Filming is a collaborative effort so waiting is inevitable. You really have to be patient because it is normal. There is lighting, makeup, and costume. Sometimes, they have to change the backdrop or scenery, and in most extreme cases, wait for the appropriate weather. So this is all very normal.” Due to these reasons, Ali felt that waiting is inevitable, even on movie sets.

In terms of the holidays, Ali is very happy to finally be resting and she chose to go hiking. She shared that hiking is a holiday tradition for her because not only is it fun, it is also a healthy exercise.

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Ali Lee Believes that Waiting During Filming is a Waste of Time

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