Alice Chan “Complains” About Husband’s Cluelessness

In the latest episode of Star Cooking (星級煮意), Alice Chan (陳煒) shared her culinary skills while giving updates on her married life. Chatting with host Shaun Tam (譚俊彥), Alice revealed her husband Aldous Chan (陳國強) may be an accomplished doctor, but he is clueless at home.

Aldous Chan (陳國強), On the cooking show, Alice prepared a dish from her Teochew heritage. She prepared a pot of Teochew oyster congee for Shaun and the crew. When Shaun tasted the congee, he exclaimed it was better than restaurant quality and envied Alice’s husband for being so lucky to taste the actress’ delicious cooking at all times.

Married with Aldous for one year, Alice expressed the importance of personality and lifestyle compatibility. While she enjoys cooking and does not mind spending large amounts of time grocery shopping, Alice also wants to eat food prepared by someone else once in a while. She would ask Aldous to cook her a meal even though her husband is clueless in the kitchen. He would only buy pre-marinated meats and even brought home wilted vegetables one time.

While both are successful in their own careers, Alice and Aldous enjoy staying home and the simple pleasures of family life. Even though Alice may have outright “complained” about her husband’s cluelessness, she laughed heartily whenever she talked about him. Her husband is also shy by nature and adorkable in group gatherings, but Alice said she enjoys his offbeat sense of humor. Aldous is oblivious about cooking, Alice loves to cook and take care of others so they are compatible in this way.

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