Alice Chan is a Favorite for TV Queen

With the TVB Anniversary Awards taking place on January 8, 2023, buzz is growing over who this year’s top winners will be. Praised for her performance in Communion <回歸>, Alice Chan (陳煒) is a hot favorite to win TV Queen.

Other competitors include Elena Kong (江美儀), Nina Paw (鮑起靜), and Jeannie Chan (陳瀅). Despite the  competition, many netizens have their eyes on Alice due to her spectacular acting and performance. However, Alice is does not have a long-term contract with the station, which may decrease her chances.

Alice humbly expressed, “I’m not too nervous and my emotions are pretty stable. Besides, I have a lot of preparation work to do beforehand. For example, I still have to choose my outfit. Communion was aired fairly early on this year, so there was a lot of promotional activity recently. I’ve really done by best, and hope everyone can reminisce and think about all the emotional details from the drama. Ultimately, it’ll be the emotionally touched and motivated fans who will vote for me.”

Regarding the competition this year, Alice praised her co-workers and explained that every artiste does their best when they’re cast. In her opinion, Alice explained that everyone is qualified; – winning TV Queen and TV King is merely a combination of timing and fate.

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  1. If this was suppose to be a fair contest, then Nancy Wu should win, but she won’t as she won twice already & is not signed with TVB but with Shaw Brothers.
    Alice Chan is next up to win it then, as the competition is weak,,,
    But her role in Communion wasn’t that outstanding really, she had much better roles previously but didn’t win.

    But I’ll be happy if she wins…

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