Pandemic Won’t Stop Alice Chan From Getting Married

Dating for three years, Alice Chan (陳煒) and her doctor boyfriend, Aldous Chan (陳國強), got engaged in November. During the actress’ 48th birthday, Aldous asked Alice’s good friends, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), Eliza Sam (岑麗香), and designer Dorian Ho (何國鉦) to help with the surprise proposal. While the couple is eager to proceed with the wedding, the pandemic is making it harder to fulfill their plans.

Although their initial relationship was met with doubt and criticism that Alice was a third party, Aldous clarified that he had already divorced his ex-wife before dating Alice. As Alice and Aldous were previously divorced, both approached their current relationship with pragmatism and moved in together to test their compatibility by living together first.

The couple intended to hold a wedding celebration this April, but Alice expressed that the pandemic has caused a lot of delays in weddings and venues are booked out. As they do not wish to wait until the pandemic is over before tying the knot, Alice said they will likely register their marriage first and hold a banquet celebration at a later time.

It is looking likely that Alice will be a bride in the Year of the Tiger!

Source: HK01

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Alice Chan Announces Engagement to Doctor Boyfriend

Alice Chan and Boyfriend’s Marriage Plans Affected by the Pandemic

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