Alice Chan and Boyfriend’s Marriage Plans Affected by the Pandemic

It took Alice Chan (陳煒) seven years to find love again after her divorce. Last year, she started dating doctor Aldous Chan (陳國強), whom the 47-year-old actress sees as a potential life partner. With the ongoing pandemic, the couple is forced to adjust their plans as they now consider registering their marriage and forgoing a big wedding to avoid hefty expenses.

While Alice slowed her career for her ex-husband James Yen (顏志行), she felt lonely because he failed to make time for her. The mistakes made in her first marriage taught Alice that quality time spent together is very important. A friend of the couple revealed, “Alice is serious about her relationships, and rarely plays around. She is very engaged in her dates and willing to make sacrifices for her other half. In her first marriage, she put in all her time and energy towards her ex-husband and family. When the marriage didn’t go well, Alice was unhappy for a long time.”

Aldous is a Good Match for Alice

When he branched out to open a beauty center last year, Aldous met Alice through his business partner, TVB actor Ben Wong (黃智賢).  Like Alice, Aldous is also a fellow divorcee and has his own successful career. A source revealed, “He knows she likes to act, and gives her a lot of encouragement. When Alice works really late, Aldous doesn’t complain. He would understand her schedule and accompany Alice on her work trips. While Alice has a lot of ambition, she doesn’t feel pressured in getting married.”

Moving in together allowed the couple to see each other more. “After cohabitating, they had more time to get to know each other and saw each other’s shortcomings. They were both divorced before, and they know how to communicate with each other. They are not afraid to speak their minds and because of this, they are able to grow their relationship. Their values and views are similar.”

Aldous’ Finances Bogged Down by the Pandemic

With two medical clinics and a beauty clinic under his ownership, Aldous is able to generate more than $1 million Hong Kong dollars of income per month. However, business has been slow due to the pandemic. Aldous friend shared, “Unless it’s necessary, many people are avoiding going to see a doctor. Many are afraid of going to beauty clinics. Although Aldous’ income decreased, he is very responsible and still supporting his ex-wife and two daughters. His monthly expenses are not small, so he can only hope that pandemic will quickly pass and everything can revert to normal.”

Despite being one of TVB’s top actresses, Alice is down-to-earth and understands Aldous’ current financial restraints. Preferring simple lifestyles, the couple often chooses casual dining to support local family restaurants rather than fancy five-star restaurants. Alice is supportive of Aldous, and does not mind that he continues to pay for his ex-wife and daughters.

The couple has also reached consensus that they will not have a big wedding and would simply file for a marriage certificate.

Source: Sky Post

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  2. Unless his guy’s daughters are already adults and have the ability to supporting themselves on their own, so I do not understand how financially supporting own daughters are something to be praised about. The same goes to “does not mind” one’s boyfriend financially supporting his own daughters.

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