Alice Chan Finds Love Again 7 Years After Divorce

After being divorced for seven years, 45-year-old Alice Chan (陳煒) has found her new love. She was spotted holding hands with a 6-feet-tall doctor at a conference looking very happy and flushed.

According to sources, her boyfriend is 40-year-old Aldous Chan (陳國強) who is also a divorcee. Though he is a doctor, he is close to some celebrities in the circle. Last year, during a beauty center’s opening, Ben Wong (黃智賢) introduced Alice to Aldous. The pair got to know each other and began their romance.

In a stable relationship with Aldous, Alice accompanied him to the conference dressed in a beautiful white dress. She supported him throughout the three-day event. When Aldous went on stage for his talk, Alice proudly filmed the entire speech. This is the first time the couple has been seen in public together, but they were not afraid of showing their affection for each other. Alice thoroughly enjoyed the quality time spent with her boyfriend.

When asked about her relationship, Alice happily responded, “Thank you for all the best wishes and concerns. I did meet doctor Chan at an event last year but due to his busy schedule and my own work, we couldn’t contact each other till recently. We are in the process of getting to know each other, so we hope for some space and privacy. Thank you!”

Source: HK01

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  1. Aldous looks like a hardcore pooner. I don’t think this relationship will last. He looks very untrustworthy and a total womanizer.

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