Alice Chan Looks at New Properties for Marriage?

Alice Chan (陳煒) has been in a steady relationship with her doctor boyfriend Aldous Chan (陳國強) since 2019. In January, Alice was also seen looking at new properties seeming in preparation for marriage.

Spotted looking at a new property Eight Kwai Fong in Happy Valley, Alice took a tour of various different sized condo units and listened carefully to the sales presentation of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, and balcony layouts. She was especially interested in the kitchen and carefully inspected the cabinets, often asking questions. Afterwards, she went up to the rooftop to continue her tour, and stayed for about an hour before leaving.

The paparazzi reached out to Alice to ask if she was looking at a place to live in after marriage, and she joked that she would leave that home to Aldous to purchase. She explained that she was merely looking for personal investment purposes.

“The financial installment plan is quite attractive, and the rental rate of return is on the higher end. I’ll need to go home and calculate carefully first,” Alice commented. When asked what her budget is, Alice replied that she will need to base that on the current housing market. “There is a lot of demand for one bedroom units right now. If I just leave my money sitting there, it will lose value so I might as well see what I can invest in,” she said.

Alice disclosed that she and Aldous do have marriage in mind. They will let everyone know if they have good news to share.


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