Alyssa Chia, Joseph Chang on Filming “Nowhere Man”

Netflix’s first Mandarin-language original mini-series, Nowhere Man <罪夢者>, premiered on October 31. In a recent interview, Taiwanese stars Joseph Chang (張孝全) and Alyssa Chia (賈靜雯) share thoughts on their individual characters and overall filming experience.

Although a triad, Joseph’s character was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. After 10 years in prison, Joseph schemes to break out of jail when his son gets kidnapped.

When Joseph learned of Nowhere Man, he approached Nextflix to ask for the role. Joseph explained, “This is the first time I’ve done this, and I don’t regret it at all. I’m very happy to have been given a chance to film Nowhere Man. Whether it’s the script, director, overall work experience, or the cast – this was a very exciting and fantastic learning experience. I really enjoyed it.”

While filming for Nowhere Man, Joseph tied the knot with his girlfriend and welcomed the arrival of their firstborn. With perfect timing, Joseph experienced being a father in both real life and in the series.

As she is already a mother of three, Alyssa was able to quickly get into character as Joseph’s wife in which they face their son’s kidnapping together. In comparison to her previous strict mother role in HBO series The World Between Us <我們與惡的距離>, her character is soft spoken and demure this time. When asked which type of mother figure she resembles in real life, Alyssa said she is actually a combination of both.

Alyssa expressed, “I think women are like water, but at times they can become tough and strong. I can see both types of qualities in myself. After becoming a mother, I understood the importance of being tough. For example, when my kids are extra rowdy, I have to think of ways to handle them. It does make us stronger in the end.”

Actions Speak More than Words

Although their scenes together are succinct, Alyssa said Joseph and her characters’ deep feelings are easily seen through their actions. Explaining that director Chen Yin Jung (陳映蓉) had skillfully shaped both characters, Alyssa said, “Their relationship could be seen through their looks alone. Even through a distance, you can see the beauty of it. Their feelings for each other are strong and deep.”

Although the series is dark, the filming set was lively. Alyssa disclosed that she didn’t want to leave the studios after filming her part despite having three daughters waiting for her at home. Alyssa often stayed after her scenes were finished to enjoy the filming atmosphere.

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