Netflix’s “Nowhere Man” Features Shocking Scene of Jacob Wang Eating Watermelon in the Buff


Netflix’s original Taiwanese mini-series Nowhere Man <罪夢者> starring Joseph Chang (張孝全), Alyssa Chia (賈靜雯), Jacob Wang (王柏傑), and Mavis Fan (范曉萱), premiered on October 31. One scene that generated a lot of buzz features Jacob eating a slice of watermelon in the buff, and and then carrying off Mavis to a room.

In the drama, Jacob portrays a gangster playboy who eventually falls for with Mavis, who is a triad boss’s woman. Unable to contain their feelings, the two slowly began realizing their attraction towards each other and ends up sharing an intimate dance.

Although Jacob describes his character as someone who’s confident and unrestrained when it comes to love, this all changes when Mavis frames him and his friends and sends them to jail. Despite still being in love with her, Jacob is unable to forgive Mavis, and his hate for her betrayal eventually causes their fragile relationship to break and crumble.

In one of the still pictures from the set, Jacob was seen completely naked and eating watermelon to cool down with his buddies. Viewers were excited by his heated and flirtatious scenes with Mavis, and commented on how eye-catching the 30-year-old actor’s fit physique is.

Containing eight episodes, Nowhere Man is Netflix’s first original Mandarin-language produced by the streaming platform.

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  1. They are probably going all out to generate buzz. Taiwan doesn’t shy away from kissing/intimate scenes even on some dramas so I guess to be on Netflix probably made them more bold.

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