Netflix’s First Mandarin-Language Original “Nowhere Man” releases October 31

Netflix is gearing up for the release of its first Mandarin-language original series.

Featuring the first collaboration between Taiwanese actors Joseph Chang (張孝全) and Alyssa Chia (賈靜雯), Nowhere Man <追夢者> tells the story of Quan, a death row inmate who schemes a jailbreak to save his family after he catches wind that his son had been kidnapped. Quan also has a secret ability, in that he is able to experience alternate timelines while he sleeps.

The series also stars Mavis Fan (范曉萱), Wang Bo-chieh (王柏傑), Jeremiah Zhang (章立衡), Zhou Ming-fu (周洺甫), and Greg Hsu (許光漢).

Nowhere Man is one of three Taiwan-based Netflix series. The other originals include Triad Princess <極道千金>, airing in December, and The Ghost Bride <彼岸之嫁>, airing in January 2020.

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  1. i think the idea about being able to jump to an alternate universe is hardly new. i recall another american series a few years back had the same idea. i can’t remember the name or who was in it as i stopped watching after half an episode.

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