Reality Format “Godiva Show” to Stream Live in November

Netflix dating game show Too Hot to Handle was a hit with its formula of putting gorgeous singles in an island villa with a prize pot of $100,000. Fans were thrilled when Korea earlier announced a local version in the works, but before that, waters will first be tested via a reality format survival show Godiva Show. With its ‘live’ version is set to air in November, a three-minute teaser trailer has already sparked a flurry of attention!

Promises to be a “100% Live Observation Variety Show”





The show will see seven male and seven female participants co-living in “Godiva House” on Jeju island for a hundred days, with their every move being captured a la Big Brother, by sixty cameras at work twenty-four hours a day.

With elimination rounds and popular voting thrown in, Godiva Show’s production crew has already emphasized that there will be no script, no cuts and no edits – meaning any physical contact between the participants, and even private shower spaces will be filmed.

The show’s daring premise has already become fodder for conversation, with viewers digging into the backgrounds of the cast – among them a Miss Korea contestant, former girl group members, a male pageant winner who’s also a bodybuilding champion, a stage actor, a singer and others vying for the 100 million won prize money.

Scheduled to stream “live” on Godiva Show’s YouTube channel starting November 1, a 15-episode series will later drop on paid platforms in end November.

Watch the Trailer:

Source: HK01

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