“Someday or One Day” Film Version Drops Trailer

Film adaptation of hit Taiwanese drama Someday or One Day <想見你> has dropped two short teaser trailers!

Starring Greg Han (許光漢), Alice Ko Chia-yen (柯佳嬿) and Patrick Shih (施柏宇), the 13-episode time-travelling romance mystery was a hit in Asia when it aired in 2020, with the series picking up “Best Drama” and female lead Alice Ko bagging “Best Actress” at the Golden Bell awards.

Teases Romantic Kiss
In the trailer, Li Zi Wei (Greg Han) peers lovingly at Huang Yu Xuan (Alice Ko) and the couple enjoy a romantic date at the beach, with him uttering a poetic line that references the time-travel twist of the drama, “In this infinitely looping spatial universe, I will fall in love with you every time.”

Director Huang Tien-Jen (黃天仁) expressed what he felt about the drama making the leap to the big screens. “This is the story’s continuation, and the dream of many viewers of the drama; it is also the start of a new story, even those who haven’t watched the drama will (be able to) comprehend, the culmination of a new and old story, filled with tears as well as laughter, that tugs at the heartstrings.”

According to a news site, the story will start in 2009 when 28-year-old Li Zi Wei meets 17 year-old Huang Yu Xuan in a bubble tea shop, and the two are struck by the feeling of having known each other for a long time. Getting closer, they even spend the last day of 2010 together, and affirm their relationship. Fast forwarding to year 2017, Huang Yu Xuan accepts a new job arrangement which not only changes her own future but also that of Li Zi Wei, Mo Jun Jie (Patrick Shih) and Chen Yun Ru.

Looking forward for the central couple’s happy ending, fans have expressed much excitement at the sweet interactions of the two leads at the end of the trailer!




Source: HK.On.CC,TVBS

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