How Alice Ko Stays Looking Fresh at the Age of 35

On September 26, Taiwanese actress Alice Ko (柯佳嬿) went home with the Best Actress award at the 55th Golden Bell Awards for her performance in the drama, Someday or One Day <想見你>. It was a close win with the star beating fellow actress Cheryl Yang (楊謹華) only by one vote. The results came as no surprise since Alice has repeatedly received praise for the brilliant execution of her role in Someday or One Day, in which she successfully pulled off playing a high school student at the age of 35.

In the drama, Alice’s character is a working woman, Huang Yu Xuan, who struggles to find romance after the death of her boyfriend. One day, she wakes up in the body of a 17-year-old high school girl, Chen Yun Ru, and takes the opportunity to find herself a boyfriend. Alice received praise for her natural portrayal of the character and youthful appearance, which gave her a huge advantage and heavily contributed to her well-received performance.

Alice’s Skincare Routine

Since many are dying to know how Alice is capable of achieving such youthful looks, Alice generously made her skincare routine public. Instead of just slapping on skincare products, Alice thinks the process of removing dirt makeup is equally important. As an actress, Alice constantly wears makeup, so the first thing she does when she arrives home is removing it to maintain her clear skin.

She prefers to use foaming cleansers with carbonic acid because the foam is dense. In comparison to regular cleansing oils, she thinks the foaming cleanser is not as irritating to the skin, but it can still clean deep inside the pores. After this step, Alice will continue with a basic routine of applying essence and moisturizer. She will always massage the product on her face so that her skin can easily absorb it.

Alice stresses the importance of moisturizing and hydrating the skin all year long, as it can improve skin quality. This is especially important for her, as she is constantly exposed to the sun during filming. When she feels her skin is dry, she will increase the number of face masks she does for that day. Sometimes, she will do a face mask two times a day but will do it every two to three days if her skin condition is good. When she was filming Someday or One Day, she would constantly hydrate her skin to have that youthful look.

Another area that she pays attention to is her neck. Many women will invest a lot of money into whitening and improving their skin, but it is easy to neglect wrinkles on the neck, which is the most telltale sign of aging. Alice did not start caring about the other parts of her body except her face until her uncle once told her that the wrinkles on her neck were visible onscreen. Since then, she has chosen skincare products that target fine lines and firm the skin. Similar to her face, she will also massage the neck to make sure the product is well absorbed.

Alice’s Fame Throughout the Years

Alice first debuted in 2005 when she appeared in Jay Chou‘s (周杰倫) music video “Maple Leaf” < 楓>. She then delved into acting and began receiving a lot of recognition for her work within a few years. She earned a Best Actress nomination for Monga <艋舺> in the Taipei Film Festival in 2009, and her drama Office Girls <小資女孩向前衝> also received very high ratings. Her first Best Actress win at the Golden Bell Awards was in 2016 for her role in Marry Me, or Not? <必娶女人>, and Someday or One Day is her second time receiving the award.

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