7 Reasons Why “Someday or One Day” is On a Legendary Track

Taiwanese drama Someday or One Day <想見你> aired its 13th and last episode on Sunday, and many fans are upset to see it go. The romantic drama starring Alice Ko (柯佳嬿), Greg Hsu (許光漢), and Patrick Shih (施柏宇) are breaking genre rules left and right, setting a new standard of expectations. Here are seven reasons why fans can’t get enough of the show.

No. 1 – Innocent love plus mystery and suspense

Alice Ko may be a familiar face, but as new generation actors, Greg Hsu and Patrick Shih add a breath of fresh air. What makes the show captivating as a love story, however, is how it smoothly incorporates suspense and mystery into the storyline. It follows a consistent theme and allows viewers to follow the same story under different perspectives, as if it is introducing a new story every week.

No. 2 – Two roles in one, in addition to time travel

The show has a convoluted storyline that makes it difficult to catch up if one misses an episode, or even a scene. The mystery surrounding Chen Yun-ru’s is an important arc throughout the series, but equally as important are the time traveling aspects, which not only turns the story upside down, but it also challenges the actors’ abilities and the viewers’ understanding of the plot.

No. 3 – Greg Hsu, the New Male God

Greg Hsu is easily the star of the series—the 29-year-old actor went through years of playing smaller roles before nabbing nabbing bigger roles; Someday or One Day is Greg’s first primetime drama as lead. His ability to smoothly transition between different characters by just mannerisms alone is also earning him praises from the industry, and it’s likely we’ll see him being a popular candidate in the upcoming awards season.

No. 4 – Alice Ko’s Transformation

The Golden Bell-winning actress is without a doubt the main crowd drawer, and like her award-winning performance in Marry Me, or Not? <必娶女人>, Alice delivers an equally worthy performance in this series. She perfectly captures the emotional trauma and loneliness of Chen Yun-ru, surprising viewers with another layer of skills.

No. 5 – The BG Music

Someday or One Day is supported by a strong soundtrack and memorable music; Wu Bai’s (伍佰) 90s hit single “Last Dance”, which permeates throughout the series, supports the nostalgia factor of the show, and has reached over 4 million views on YouTube.

All original soundtrack music from the show has become charted singles, including The Last Day of Summer’s (八三夭) ending theme “Want to See You” <想見你 想見你 想見你>, Yellow’s (黃宣) “Some Day” <一天>, Nine Chen’s (陳零九) “Seeing Your Voice” <看見妳的聲音>, and Shi Shi’s (孫盛希) “Escape” <>.

No. 6 – The actors’ interactions

The actors in Someday or One Day are all experiencing a surge in popularity, particularly Greg Hsu and Patrick Shih. The cast are close on stage and off stage, with every back stage interaction reaching at least 60,000 to 70,000 views when their videos are posted on Instagram. The hashtag for Someday or One Day is followed by 16,000 users on Instagram.

No. 7 – Easter Eggs

The cast and crew are dedicated to the show—days before the finale was to be aired on television, the ending was leaked online. The crew dedicated 18 hours of their day to film a last-minute easter egg as a gift for supporters of Someday or One Day. Although not exactly related to the series, it does bring a happier open ending.

“Someday or One Day” Extended Trailer

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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