Patrick Shih Dons School Uniform Again for “First Love Again”

Becoming a household name overnight after starring in the 2019 Taiwanese drama Someday or One Day <想見你>, 24-year-old Patrick Shih (施柏宇) returns to the school yard to play Ye Youning for the upcoming Chinese drama First Love Again <循環初戀>, which is based on the Taiwanese novel Time Machine <時光機> by DTT. Ye Youning is a top student who strikes a relationship with “sunflower girl” Xia Wenxi, portrayed by Chinese actress Chen Haoyu (陳昊宇). Their relationship transcends time and space.

First Love Again is Patrick’s first drama series as male lead.

The drama also stars Gao Maotong (高茂桐), Gao Qiuzi (高秋梓), Yang Gen (楊亙), and Xu Wanting (徐婉婷).


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