“Someday or One Day” Lead Actors Are the Nation’s Boyfriends

With South Korean and Mainland Chinese productions basking in the spotlight these days, it’s been a while since Taiwanese idol dramas drew attention. However, the Taiwanese idol drama industry may be revived with the airing of Someday or One Day <想見你>, which has achieved record-breaking ratings and immense love from viewers. In fact, lead actors Greg Hsu (許光漢) and Patrick Shih (施柏宇) are considered to be Taiwan’s next generation stars — and the nation’s boyfriends. 

Someday or One Day has successfully grabbed the attention of viewers with its modern story fused with elements of love triangles, time traveling, suspense, and crime. It stars 30-year-old Greg, who portrays two characters, Li Zi Wei and Wang Quan Sheng. Standing at 5 feet and 8 inches tall and possessing a bright smile, he charmed his way into viewers’ hearts and gained their loving support. But like many popular artists, it took time before he found success. He struggled with his part-time jobs as a model and café and restaurant worker before becoming an actor. 

Although he almost joined a boy group in 2012, he saw no hope in his future until opportunities at a filming set sparked his desire to become an actor in 2016. Starting from Have You Ever Fallen in Love, Miss Jiang? <植劇場-姜老師,妳談過戀愛嗎? to Nowhere Man <罪夢者> and A Sun (陽光普照), Greg has challenged himself with various roles to diversify his acting skills. Eventually, his hard efforts paid off when he got nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award at Taiwan’s 52nd Golden Bell Awards.

Greg’s Someday or One Day costar, 24-year-old Patrick also debuted as a model. At 6 feet tall, he is known as Taiwan’s Park Seo Joon (朴敘俊) because he shares great similarities in appearance with the South Korean actor. But unlike Greg, the young actor has had a relatively smooth sailing career since landing the lead role in his first acting project Gamer’s Generation <電競紀元> in 2016. His next performance in Boys Love (BL) drama HIStory2: Boundary Crossing <越界2> also managed to receive positive responses. 

Source: HK01

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Since Patrick has been in my profile pic for over a year, I have to say congrats and I’m so happy to see him making such a splash. He and Fandy Fan have proved that acting in a BL (boy love) series is no longer a career ender or a dead end, but a promising start.

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