“Someday Or One Day” to Get a Korean Remake

Wildly popular Taiwanese drama Someday Or One Day <想見你> took viewers for a twirl during 2019. Starring Alice Ke (柯佳嬿), Greg Hsu (許光漢), and Patrick Shih (施柏宇), the series was a breakthrough for Taiwanese dramas and received international attention. Gaining particular love in South Korea, the drama will be getting a Korean remake as production companies Npio and Lian Contents have purchased its adaptation rights.

Someday or One Day tells a time-traveling romance between Huang Yuxuan (Alice Ko) and Li Ziwei (Greg Hsu). The story begins in 2019, with Yuxuan desperately missing her ex-boyfriend Ziwei, who is presumed to have died in a plane crash. Through her longing and an old Walkman, she is transported back to 1998 and wakes up in the body of Chen Run Yu, who looks the same as her. Before she digests her surroundings, she encounters a who looks exactly like her ex-boyfriend, but he is named Wang Quan Sheng. Forced to live as the high school student Run Yu, she seeks to unravel the mysteries and change Run Yu’s destiny, who will apparently die in 1999.

The success of Someday or One Day is evident in its high ratings and trending discussions. Set in a school campus, it had unexpectedly brought forward a brain-burning mystery romance transcending time and space. Widely praised for its clever script, the series undoubtedly raised new standards for the romantic time-traveling genre.

Unsurprisingly, Someday or One Day attracted much love from many Asian countries. South Korean viewers, who are particularly fond of Greg, called him the “Nation’s Boyfriend” despite the label usually exclusively reserved for Korean celebrities.

Source: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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