Dee Hsu Admits to Sexless Marriage

Keeping up her usual no-holds-barred style on her latest talkshow Dee’s Talk <熙娣想聊>, Taiwanese host Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) invited 47-year-old star Alyssa Chia (賈靜雯) as a guest to chat about married life – but ended up revealing her own “sexless” marriage!

Dee: Mike Sprained His Back When Lifting Luggage

Going directly into the day’s topic, she asked Alyssa about she gets along day-to-day with her husband Xiu Jiekai (修杰楷), who is nine years her junior – a topic she is curious about, since her own husband Mike Hsu (許雅鈞) is eight years her senior. When Alyssa shared that Xiu Jiekai’s energy levels are indeed high and thus can help to take care of the kids when she needs a rest, Dee spilled that her husband Mike once sprained his back when helping to carry luggage, and thereafter would always worry whenever he needed to bend down to lift items, leading her to comment that his frequent gym sessions seem “pretty useless”.

Just when Alyssa was about to respond, Dee volunteered more details about her own sex life, spilling “Actually for three years, we have already….” Alyssa quickly cut in to prevent Dee from saying more, saying “No one wants to hear about your three years and the like,” but to no avail.

Alyssa: Hubby is So Sexy

Her passion on the topic all fired up, the straight-talking Dee described herself and Mike, who have been married for 16 years, as being like an old couple now. The motormouth shared that she and her husband used to say “Baby, gimme a kiss” before the other party leaves home, but not anymore now. Asked by Dee to share any sweet signature move with her husband, Alyssa hinted shyly that Xiu Jiekai and her still have regular sex, saying “[we] still do what we oughtta,” Probed if she still has the hots for her husband, Alyssa said “When I’m sad, my husband gives me an encouraging pat and tells me not to to worry, at that instant…hubby is so sexy. And during summer when hubby wears a singlet, those strong arms…exhilarates me,”

Visualizing her guest’s colorful marriage life, Dee commented that her own marital life paled in comparison, and burst out saying, “The two of us are like living in an old folks’ home.” Alyssa, however, said she found it hard to believe that Dee would go three years without bedroom activity, given her spunky personality!

Source: SkyPost

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  1. Oh my Dee that’s really most unfortunate. 3 years?!? can’t call that marriage anymore, companionship is better name. But may be she is just using it as PR to get attention. Can’t believe it! Even if he has medical condition there are medical options these days to improve his state.

  2. Join the club…My hubby and I have A wonderful over 20yrs relationship…we love each other alot and we been thru lots of ups and downs…but we too have not had sex a long time… I personally dont miss it… he is happy without too…

    1. How do you know he s actually happy without it too? unfortunately, no men in this world will be happy without sex….

    2. How do you know he is actually happy without it?? Hahaha unfortunately, no men in this world will be happy without it ….

    3. I genuinely admire you! I am a woman but no action in the bedroom is huge no go for me, like a deal breaker.

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