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With competition between online entertainment platforms increasing, Netflix hopes to develop the Asian market further. Producing three new Asian dramas between now and 2020, Netflix will air the first of its three, Nowhere Man <罪夢者>, on October 31.

HBO Asia’s The World Between Us <我們與惡的距離> gained popularity after airing this March, and many viewers were wondering if their biggest competitor, Netflix, would make a move soon. Breaking silence, Netflix announced earlier that they would air Nowhere Man, Triad Princess <極道千金>, and The Ghost Bride <彼岸之嫁> as their three big Asian productions.

Airing this October, Nowhere Man stars Joseph Chang (張孝全), Alyssa Chia (賈靜雯), Mavis Fan (范曉萱), Edison Wang (王柏傑), Jeramiah Chang (劉子千), Zhou Mingfu (周洺甫), and Greg Han (許光漢). This eight-episode crime drama centers around Joseph’s character – who has been quiet during his 10 years in jail but plans a prison escape after learning that his son was kidnapped. Playing a triad member and an anti-hero for the very first time, Joseph said he prepared for his role by meeting with real-life triads in order to learn about their lifestyle and habits.

Triad Princess will be director Neal Wu’s (吳子雲) first work after his popular hit movie At Café 6 <六弄咖啡館>. Starring Jasper Liu (劉以豪) and Eugenie Liu (劉奕兒), the series is about a young girl’s journey in meeting the idol of her dreams and her plan to weave herself into his life by making the media think that she is his idol’s rumored girlfriend.

Airing January 2020, The Ghost Bride will star Malaysian actors Ho Yuhang (何宇恆), and Quek Shio Chuan (郭修篆). The storyline is based on the popular English short story Ghost Bride and talks about the main character (played by Peijia Huang 黃姵嘉) and her escape from a posthumous marriage arrangement. Running away from the arranged marriage, she accidentally encounters a murder case and gets entangled between the worlds of the living and the deceased.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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