Jasper Liu’s “Triad Princess” to Premiere on Netflix on December 6

Jasper Liu (劉以豪) and Eugenie Liu’s (劉奕兒) romance drama Triad Princess <極道千金> will premiere on Netflix on December 6. The story centers around an unlikely romance between a superstar (Jasper Liu) and the daughter of a triad boss (Eugenie Liu).

Aside from the difference in Jasper and Eugenie’s social status, Taiwanese actor Tsao Yuning‘s (曹佑寧) character will also come between their romance. Tsao Yuning portrays the son of a Hong Kong triad boss who has been in love with Eugenie since they were children. They made a pact to marry each other when they grow up. Honoring his promise, Tsao Yuning flies to Taiwan to confess his love, only to find out that Eugenie is now obsessed with Jasper.

Jasper’s character is an international super star by day, and a homebody by night. Leading a fairly quiet life outside of his acting career, Jasper accidentally meets Eugenie when she was on the run from an enemy. Falling in love with someone who comes from a family background that is the exact opposite of his, Jasper is faced with many troubles along the way.

Filming with Jasper for the first time, Tsao Yuning initially thought that he would seem lacking in comparison. Trying to give himself a confidence boost, Tsao Yuning admitted that he would constantly tell himself, “I have to be more handsome than Jasper!” With his hard work paying off in the end, Tsao Yuning gives a very convincing performance as an arrogant bad-boy in Triad Princess.

“Triad Princess” Trailer

Source: Yahoo HK

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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