Guli Nazha, Jasper Liu in “Twelve Legends”

With fantasy genres being so well-received in recent years due to computer graphic improvements, another new Chinese fantasy drama Twelve Legends <十二谭> is under way with high expectations. The confirmed cast include: Guli Nazha (古力娜扎), Jasper Liu (刘以豪), Kido Gao (高瀚宇), Jason Koo (谷嘉诚), Ancy Deng (邓恩熙) and Zhou Junwei (周峻纬).

Known for her distinctive and beautiful facial features, Uyghur beauty Guli Nazha possesses charming qualities and a royal and cute aura. Receiving considerable positive responses with her performance in the recent Ten Years Late <十年三月三十日>, the actress is gaining popularity. Despite the plot not being particularly interesting, many fans are still watching the drama for the sake of her beautiful looks.

In Twelve Legends, Nazha will be pairing up with Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu, who although isn’t wildly popular but will likely gain attention for his attractive looks. It is expected that this onscreen couple will show great chemistry and entertaining performances that will draw immense viewer interest.

Nazha will be portraying Ye Qing Chun, also known as the Night Pearl, who is a mysterious fairy who shares a love-hate relationship with Jin Xiang Jian, a stone deity portrayed by Jasper. Exact details of their characters have not been announced, but fans are already holding high expectations as Twelve Legends is based on a popular novel. But more than that, it appears fans are more excited with the fact that they’re able to see Nazha playing a fairy.

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  1. She is the prototype flower vase. Very pretty, not a lot of acting skills. She barely improved from her debut. Shame.

  2. Her fans will be watching the drama ‘for the sake of her beautiful looks.’ Without acting abilities, those who rely on looks won’t last long and had better think of another profession for the future.

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