Jasper Liu is an Intensely Private Person

Big things are happening for Jasper Liu (劉以豪), as the star’s popularity stretches beyond Taiwan and entrenches South Korea and China. After Taiwanese hit drama Before We Get Married <我們不能是朋友>, Jasper paired up with Lee Seung Gi in Netflix variety show Twogether  and made a dreamy couple with Guli Nazha (古力娜扎) in Chinese drama Twelve Legends <十二谭>. Despite exciting new developments in his acting and music careers, the 34-year-old values his privacy and freedom and likes to spend his time alone where no one recognizes who he is.

Among his works, Jasper’s favorite role is Yan Dong Ming in 2018 Taiwanese drama My Goddess <種菜女神> because he loves nature and his personality is very simplistic. “If I were not an artiste, then my dream would be to live in a rural area and have a slow paced life. Every time I run in the countryside, the people are very warm and friendly. They do not know that I am a public figure, and our interactions are very natural. We talk about farming, coffee, and anything under the sun. I feel truly happy being able to return to the most basic forms of human interaction.”

With a great love for the outdoors, Jasper loves to go camping and hiking. “I usually ask my friends to go, or sometimes I’ll go alone. If I am going camping, then I reserve the entire area so I can enjoy the peacefulness.”

When asked what was the most unforgettable skill that he has learned for the sake of an acting role, Jasper replied rice transplantation, which he found to be very interesting. He still remembers all the skills he had learned. “Transplanting rice is very difficult; you can only grab three to five crops at a time. It cannot be too much or too little. It is important to plant them straight into the dirt–they cannot be crooked.”

Due to his private nature, it would be difficult to encounter Jasper in a trendy area or a nightclub. He prefers to be disguised so he would not be recognized. “I am very contradictory. I like my current work and being able to present something for the audience to enjoy. However, in my private life, I want to enjoy complete freedom. When I go out, I try my best to remain incognito.”

In the past, Jasper preferred to travel to Japan or Southeast Asia where there was less chances of being recognized. “Due to the popularity of Twogether, I’m not sure if I’ll have this freedom anymore,” he said hesitantly. As his leisure travel plans are limited by the pandemic, Jasper has taken up swimming and basketball again.

Since he loves exercise and the outdoors, Jasper hopes that his future girlfriend would have similar interests. “It’s not easy–for example with swimming and camping, some people are afraid of bugs, getting tanned, and wild animals, or don’t like hiking. I hope she truly enjoys doing these activities.” Attracted to women with a bit of baby fat, Jasper also finds it very calming to watch a woman’s ponytail swing as she runs.

He has his reservations to love at first sight, because it has been a long time since he had this feeling. He feels that they should get to know each other first. He disclosed that he is secretly afraid of cockroaches and is only brave enough to kill them when drunk. Therefore, if he meets a woman who is not afraid of killing them, he would find her to be very impressive.

For Jasper, a perfect day would be dependent on the weather. Sometimes a certain weather makes him want to go to a coffee shop to enjoy the sun. “I really like going to coffee shops, but I will try my best to find one with less people or just bring my own coffee during camping.”

New Mini Album

With his naturally thick eyebrows, dimples, and crinkles under his eyes when he smiles, Jasper emits sweetness into the air. However, he is still not entirely used to the description of him as a bright, youthful man. “I’ve been in the industry for 10 years; I can’t stay in this style forever. I hope that I’ll be able to try different styles in the future and allow everyone to see another side of me.”

Thus, Jasper challenged himself to break into the music industry even though he is not used to hearing his own singing voice. Releasing his first mini album “U”, Jasper’s new songs are romantic, and the music arrangement is bright and warm. He also adds his own touch by drawing the cover of his mini album.

In his new music video, he is seen completing different chores. At home, Jasper is a bit of a germaphobe. If he smells an unpleasant odor be it urine from a pet, he would want to immediately clean and get rid of the smell. He also does not like long fingernails and will cut them frequently. Jasper feels that the chore that he is best at is wiping windows.

Teased if he would listen to his songs while he drives and think to himself that his singing is great, Jasper said he has not attained that level of satisfaction. In the past, he would be very afraid of hearing his own voice. When he lifts up the microphone, he would feel very uneasy at the sound of his voice echoing from the speakers. Thus, he never imagined that he would have a chance to release an album.  “I go to karaoke no more than two times a year. Otherwise, it’s for family gatherings or filming after parties, I usually just show up for a little bit. So I am very grateful for this challenge and the opportunity to realize my dream. I hope everyone will like it.”

Source: Beauty 321

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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