Lee Seung-gi and Jasper Liu’s Friendship Started from a Pair of Pajamas

Netflix travel show Twogether is set to premiere on June 26, and it’s going to feature two of Asia’s biggest idols: Lee Seung-gi (李昇基) of South Korea and Jasper Liu (劉以豪) of Taiwan. The two actors had never met prior to joining the project, and only learned about each other through watching their respective works.

Due to travel restrictions, Netflix had to hold their first press conference for the show through a stream. When Seung-gi appeared on the stream, Jasper immediately said “I missed you” in Korean, and Seung-gi returned the sentiment with affection. The pair of friends have not seen each other since filming Twogether last fall.

Seung-gi and Jasper shared their experiences filming the show, which was shot on locations across Indonesia, Thailand, and Nepal. As neither spoke each other’s languages, they were worried about cultural and language barriers. While Jasper has appeared on Korean TV before, he was very confused when he first received the offer to film Twogether.

“My Korean isn’t good at all, I can only manage my way by speaking some English,” he said. “However, I’ve watched many of Lee Seung-gi’s works before, and I believe that this project would help us learn about each other’s culture.”

Seung-gi had the same fears, but felt reassured after Jo Hyo-jin, producer of Running Man, told him that they would get along fine. “When we smile, we look like each other,” he said. “I definitely felt a closer to him because of that.”

The Korean actor shared that he and Jasper actually share many traits. They’re both energetic, positive, and very dedicated when it came to completing their missions for the show. “He’s actually very sweet in real life,” said Seung-gi.

Jasper shared, “And Seung-gi is very smart. He’s very quick with learning new languages. When we were in Chiang Mai, we played opposite teams. I already knew that it’ll be hard to beat him. Afterwards, I watched some episodes of him hosting on Strong Heart, and I really wanted to know how he’s so good at what he does.”

Jasper’s Pajama Surprise

All concerns of a difficult friendship due to cultural barriers fell out of the window after Seung-gi got to know Jasper a little more. He said, “I don’t know if it’s because of our cultural differences, but in Korean variety shows, we tend to not where our pajamas while filming. However, one night Jasper Liu showed up in silk pajamas, like a prince. I definitely felt closer to him after that. When we went to Nepal, Jasper gave me the same pair of silk pajamas in a different color as a gift!”

Jasper immediately explained, “Sleeping is a very sacred thing. Personally, I am very prudent when it comes to preparing for sleep, so I bring pajamas. I actually thought if I was being too much by wearing them, but I’ve decided that it’s best to be my normal self. I want to show my genuine personality to the camera. When I saw Lee Seung-gi wear my pajamas, I immediately felt closer to him too,” he added with a laugh.

Seung-gi then said in English, “But the pajamas he gave me were gold!” Jasper immediately clarified in English, “It’s champagne gold!” Seung-gi said, “His were blue, but he gave me champagne gold. I couldn’t even use them when I went to back to Korea.” He promised that he will share pictures of him wearing the pajamas on social media after Twogether’s broadcast.

Pointing out that Twogether is Jasper’s first reality variety show, the Taiwanese actor said he was actually very unprepared. “On our first night in Yogyakarta, we stayed at a local bed and breakfast lodging establishment. I assumed that after we film, we would pick our things and go back to a hotel, so I didn’t even think about bringing shampoo or body wash. I wasn’t expecting us to actually stay at the lodge. There were also over 20 cameras pointing at me 24 hours a day. It was definitely unexpected and shocking.”

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

Jasper Liu and Lee Seung-gi Become Friends in Netflix’s “Twogether”

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