Puff Kuo, Jasper Liu’s “Before We Get Married” Explores Cheating

Lately, viewers have been obsessed with the love square in Taiwanese drama Before We Get Married <我們不能是朋友>. Starring main leads Puff Kuo (郭雪芙), Jasper Liu (劉以豪), Nita Xia (夏若妍), and Steven Sun (孫其君), the series explores the complex emotions faced by modern people when it comes to marriage and relationships. Producer Huang Lin Rong (黃琳容) believes the show is resonating so well with viewers because “the story portrays real problems that can occur in everyone’s lives.”

Before We Get Married is an adaptation of writer Ayamei’s (阿亞梅) novel of the same name. Lin Rong came across it when she was hunting for material in 2017 and instantly took a liking to it. Not only did she enjoy the workplace setting, but Jasper’s character was very similar to that of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in The Wolf of Wall Street. “He is both arrogant and handsome,” she expressed. “In the plot, he aggressively pursues love, and boldly revealed his sexual desires.”

Jasper plays the protagonist, Chu Ke Huan, who is in a steady 10-year relationship with the beautiful Gao Zi Yuan (played by Nita). Despite his perfect life on the outside, he is lonely on the inside, and he eventually falls for Zhou Wei Wei (portrayed by Puff) and starts to actively pursue her. Although Wei Wei is already discussing marriage with her boyfriend of three years, Li Hao Yi (played by Steven), her heart is shaken by Ke Huan.

Clearly, the show is not your typical rosy romance drama. Instead, it highlights the “human sexual desire.” “The theme has resonance, which will allow the audience to connect with it,” the producer said.

For the drama, Jasper shed his positive image to portray a “dirtbag.” Still, female fans are really attracted to his “bad guy” image. Laughing, Lin Rong shared, “He couldn’t believe that there are people like this in the world. Though he had a lot of question marks, he discussed his portrayal with Director Feng Kai (馮凱), and they were able to lay down all the frameworks to force out this overbearing character.”

She continued, “Everyone was very clear about the role they were challenging. When Puff was acting, she connected with Zhou Wei Wei’s battle with morality.”

Source: EtToday

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. If you are in a 10yrs relationship yet feeling empty, time to move on >_> no need to cheat… same with if you are about to marry someone yet get shaken by someone else, call off your engagement >_>

    1. @littlefish Tried an episode or two and gave up. It was ok in the beginning n w/a more adult theme and Tdramas do have real kissing scenes unlike Cdramas I guess but other than that I don’t find Tdramas interesting at all.

  2. I really find this drama very boring after a while. It is just about two people hurting others and desiring each other. Really not much story. It is the same emotions week after week. The story has no depth. The first 4 and last eps are likely enough for me. The rest are fillers.

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