Jiro Wang and Puff Kuo Kiss in “Falling Into You”

Long-awaited romantic developments in the idol drama finally fall in place.

Jiro Wang (汪東城) stars as a bossy and charming CEO with an Achilles heel–a phobia of blood–in Taiwanese drama Falling Into You <因為我喜歡你>. Rescued by Puff Kuo’s (郭雪芙) tough and aloof character several times, Jiro finally shows his manly side by princess-hugging Puff and piggy-backing her in two recent episodes, with the couple sharing an accidental kiss.

Jiro: No Difficulty Piggy-Backing Puff 

Playing a former Taekwondo champion whose promising sports career is derailed by a leg injury, Puff crosses paths with Jiro when she found work as a secretary at his startup company. In a recent episode, Puff’s character is set up by her scheming ex-boyfriend and she is forced to climb up 12 flights of stairs. Worried lest her old injury worsens, Jiro decidedly lifts Puff up in a piggy-back pose, with the two accidentally kissing as they both turn their heads.

Recalling the piggy-back scene, Jiro shared that his previous part-time work experience and frequent gym training made it easy to carry Puff. “We filmed the scene in the parking garage on flat ground. I carried her and continued walking before delivering my lines, it was a piece of cake!”

The 39-year-old actor reminded viewers to warm up in advance and exercise caution about hurting their knee and mid-section while attempting such as squat-lift poses like princess-hugs and piggyback rides.

Memorizing Lines is the Real Challenge?

Comparatively, an earlier princess-hugging scene was more challenging for Jiro, as his character had to carry Puff up a slope, recite numerous lines calmly and walk down slope later, all while looking immaculately handsome. “It was really challenging!”

Although he used cause-and-effect reasoning to help him remember his character’s lengthy lines, Jiro still had to sacrifice precious sleep to memorize them late into the night. He laughed, “I believe many actors have the ability to remember lines for 10 scenes before swiftly forgetting them afterward.”

Behind the Scenes: Jiro and Puff’s Kiss in “Falling Into You”

Source: Udn

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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